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Williams a completely different team

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Pastor Maldonado says Williams has changed dramatically over the winter, describing it as a 'completely different' outfit to the one he raced with in 2011.

    The Venezuelan may have completed just 25 laps - the fewest of any driver - during the opening day of pre-season testing at Jerez, but he was in buoyant mood as he hailed the team's new structure and focus.

    "Everything is looking very different to last year," Maldonado explained.

    "This is Formula 1 - you can always improve – but we are more concentrated, we have new people and the team is working very well. It's completely different."

    Maldonado said the changes went beyond a shake-up of the technical staff and extended to the entire team – and crucially also to the car itself, which he believes is already a more capable challenger than last year's FW33.
    "The car is completely different – we have in our hands a better car than last year, for sure," he added.

    "I was quite surprised how good the balance was from the first lap. We were a bit heavy with the fuel and not pushing 100 per cent, but the first impression I had is that the car was working well and I was happy with what we had.
    "I'm happy with the engine, and the car is more stable. We need to do more runs to understand the aerodynamics and the mechanics of the car, but the first impression I have is very positive.

  2. Sounds good!
    I think Maldo will have matured and taken the role as sort of the leader now that 'Chello has left.
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  3. He definitely has the potential to be a much better driver than a lot of people give him credit for. You don't win a GP2 Championship if you're useless afterall. If he can drive 20 races at the level of last year's Monaco then he should be alright. :)
  4. Agree, hopefully the car is a middle marker and not in that grey zone between the middle and back-markers.
    Im probably the only one but i like his attitude, especially when he let Hamilton know at SPA.
    Sure it was a dumb thing but i can garantuee you nobody will simply walk over him anymore.
  5. More likely the team will have no cohesion and be a complete mess.
  6. Hopefully this is the team James Key will move to. He really helped Sauber so it will be interesting to see what he can do in a year or so.