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Misc williams 2016 Sponsor 1.0


  1. En el coche no se ven los sponsors , se ve el coche blanco
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  2. First you have to expand with WinRAR or WinZip then copy the in williams 2015 texture
  3. english only
  4. yeah you're absolutely right, I had to use google translator
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  5. applying the mod, the car looks white and not see any marks
  6. Copy williams.decal.tga in 2015 Williams textures and overwrite the original
    before, of course, make a backup copy of the original
    I hope these will help
    otherwise I do not know what could be wrong
  7. big fan of your work mate are you able to do mclaren chandon richard mille
  8. is not possible to make Chandon
    RICHARD MILLE is but 3DSimED3 2016-05-15 11-17-38-342.jpg 3DSimED3 2016-05-15 11-17-47-230.jpg due to mirroring is on the other side turned around
  9. y no chandon
  10. [​IMG]
    use this one
  11. it is not possible to do what you are asking
  12. When will release be (did u mean chandon or number)