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Will you buy F1 2011?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RaceDepartment, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Yes (PC)

  2. Yes (Xbox 360)

  3. Yes (PlayStation 3)

  4. No

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  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Polly to see how many people will buy F1 2011 - The Game
  2. Depends on what features get left out of 2011. If there's no look to apex, I might just get it for PC and move my computer into my living room to hook up to the 52". If I'm satisfied with the features and don't think I'll need mods to enjoy it I'll get it for PS3 (I voted PS3).
  3. As far as it has new season in there I guess I have no other choice... F1 2010 is getting bored I will probably buy 2011 even if its gameplay is bad
  4. Yep. I might even preorder it, as I want a boxed copy on PC.

    @ozzie - it sounds like it's way more than just a seasonal update. ;)
  5. It always does my friend!

    Personally didnt get much out of 2010. It was very pretty, but the driving itself wasnt very engaging to me.
    FFB just about non existant, physics not what i want to see in a F1 game and bugs that never got fixed.
    Just my 2c tho.
  6. gonna grab the pc version :cool:
  7. Xbxo 360 4 me, pre-orded it on amazon for £36
  8. I'll definitely buy it , but I don't know on which format, I ticked the PC and xbox boxes. I currently play on xbox; but would like to switch to PC as the online potential looks better, plus modding.
  9. well i thinking they make mod for thet game but if need buy no way1 thes is crap game wit arcade drive i am not go buyning arcade game
  10. I'll buy the game on PS3 only if there is a helmet generator. If cannot create my own helmet, I'll just stick with F1 2010.
  11. Im thinking about pre-ordering mine or just take a trip to the shops the day it comes out
  12. You're going to pass up what's looking like a much improved game, going by the testers' opinions, if you can't make your own helmet? Best of luck to you.

    As for me, I'm going to pre order it from shopto as I want a boxed copy on PC and it's only £23.80 there.
  13. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla

    Nope, not gonna buy it. Codemasters has shown that they are not standing behind their product and are not willing to fix glaring omissions/bugs caused by their own "patch". Seeing how they are treating Dirt3 players right now, I don't expect a much different customer experience from 2011.

    Unless they can show that they really regret last years decision and are willing to put out an outstanding, polished, properly patched/supported product. Fat chance really.
  14. Even if it does not have a F1 license, I want to see what the people at SimBin do with their GTR3 before I buy another Code Masters product (or maybe even rFactor2 if it ever comes out). I have fun driving the cars in F1 2010, but the AI in the game is retarded.
  15. Yes i think ill buy it for pc like above says i hop they have better ai in the game.
  16. I'll pre-order it for PC on Steam as soon as it is available on pre-order. :D
  17. Sod that. Be ripped off by Steam? I think not - shopto have my money right now, unless someone undercuts them: £23.80 on PC. How much will you pay on Steam? £30? More?
  18. Will pirate it first and test it out, unless codemasters have decided to polish there game i wont be buying it
  19. I don't mind paying a bit more on Steam, not to mention I can always ask a friend from the US to gift it for me and at the end it'll be below 30€. :)

    I like all my games to be on Steam. :p
  20. i watched a developer video today and i would say it looks awesome and it is must buy for me as i am big f1 fan
    heres the video by the way