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Will Time Trial Setups Be Reasonably Competitive For Online Multiplayer.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Robertson, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Can anyone confirm if the various time trial setups posted on this site are reasonably competitive in multiplayer mode also. I pretty much stick to Viktor and Andrew setups.
  2. If tyre wear (and fuel sim ?) are off you shouldnt have any problems but if they are on you definitely should consider creating a new setup or at least alter your TT setup. The cars won't spin that easily and have more grip in TT so you might find yourself going wide every turn or spinning out plus most of those setups dont go easy on the tyres therefore longer races might be a problem
  3. I run 1/1 wings and very stiff suspension on a lot of tracks in TT. That wouldnt work for me online with tyre and fuel sim on.
  4. I use the same setup for TT and race with fuel and all sims on, though I havent race more than 50% but up to 50% it works very good I know.
  5. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Cheers Viktor, good of you to share that info :)

  6. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Indeed same here, dont alter the setups one bit. Makes life hard at the start of a GP but come the end of it your in a pace of your own.
  7. I'd have the same apprehension looking at the setups posted here, saying 'oh they're just for TT and won't work online'...Well I was wrong lol.

    setups were never my forté but stuck to making my own -very conservative - setups based on career mode, but now since yesterday i started stealing Viktor's and Andrew's, felt much more comfortable online all of a sudden, more competitive too.

    The hungaroring race I just did tonight was with Viktor's setup, and I felt like I was driving in another league than the same hungaroring multiplayer race I did a little while ago...setups do matter, and the ones posted by these above mentioned gents are awesome. :)

  8. Gotta agree there, i always thought the TT setups would ruin my chances in a online race. I'm not the fastest guy out there and ive have reached my limit on the TT testing with regards to speed, i just cant seem to get any faster. Down to skill and throttle application and i have awfull trouble judging the braking distance with respect to hitting the apexs, i could gain around 2 - 3 seonds if i sort that out.

    But i always use the TT for races and the last 4 i have been pretty consistant, finished every race and qly in 5 -6 and finish pretty much the same, any F1 race team would be happy with that i recon, points make prizes eh. So yes the TT's are great, i steal victors , bortz and brams, i do change a little bit its only 1 click on the areo to my over run into corners and lead foot,
  9. I disagree^^. When i play an online race with tyrewear on i change the TT setup slightly to address the increase in understeer. For instance on spa, i pick my TT setup and put the ballast one notch to the front, up the front wing by 1 and decrease the front camber by one. This gives me a 1 second improvement then driving with the TT setup
  10. I just adjust my TT setups for the overall lower grip levels by softening the springs just a bit and then I dial in a little understeer using either ballast or frong wing setting.