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Will the team get upgraded?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Koh LeyHow, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Will the team be improved like in 2010?for example when you stay with a team for another year,will their handling and power change like 2010 does?
  2. Yes.
  3. I never really progressed in F1 2010 Carear, I'm on my second season now with Williams but my team mate is still lacking behind around 18th, Over time if I stay with the team will he become better and finish in the top10?
  4. The teams are split into 5 tiers.

    Tier 1:Red Bull, Mclaren, Ferrari
    Tier 2:Mercedes, Renault
    Tier 3:Sauber, Force India
    Tier 4:Toro Rosso, Williams
    Tier 5:Lotus, HRT, Virgin

    At the end of each season, one team from each tier moves down and one moves up. (Depending on their constructors standings).

    I am however yet to progress to season 2.
  5. Hey Riley. That's correct, but FI and Toro Rosso are the other way around in the tier system for 2011. I think that's the correct order for 2010 though.
  6. Nope. In 2010 Ferrari was Tier 2 (I'm sure about it). Williams was T3 with Sauber being T4. In 2011 they are:

    T1: RBR, McL, SF
    T2: LRGP, MGP
    T3: Sauber, STR
    T4: Williams, FI
    T5: TL, MVR, HRT

    I think in real F1 Force India is stronger than in game. They're almost as good as Lotus Renault.
  7. In my first saeson my williams in 5th place.Its means that it will stronger next season