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Will the netcode improve in 1.3?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bram, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Does anybody know if there are any updates to be expected on the netcode for the 1.3 version? I am still not entirely happy how some collissions all of a sudden happen when you are close to other vehicles.

    Wasnt it the 1.06 version where the netcode was perfect?
  2. I would love to have the feature back to search servers by IP. It's a pain finding the servers, sometimes I clicked refresh for 15-20 minutes until I found the RD server.
  3. the missing servers on the list is a bug that will be fixed, according to Kunos. He also mentioned improvement in the net code. How well it will work we'll see when it gets out I guess.

    For me this is a big thing also. In both my races at RD I've been taken out and one lap down because of strange incidents, thats pretty significant considering I practiced several days just for those races.
  4. V1.02 was the best netcode yes.

    The problem with it is that i find I am taking different lines to avoid possible problems and thus not really racing as solidly as I could. In that I constantly have this in mind when I get close to another car, and as such want to desperately avoid being too close, which makes slipstreaming very hard.

    Hopefully it will be improved in 1.3, though as far as I know, the fundamental design is such that to get it 100% perfect will be unlikely, ever.
  5. Hi all (this is my first message,my second will be in presentation forum).
    In 1.3 the netcode will not improve I think, why? netkar was built on an old engine and the first function of netkar was the offline simulation.
    Kunos do a hard wark with online sim but improve netcode means 're-design' the entire code of nkp.
    Kunos (stefano casillo) said on a recent post that he sells many nkp 1.3 licenses they can start a nkp 2.0 based on a new engine.
    The net code is worse in 1.2 than 1.06 because KS2 has a highter lateral acceleration than other cars in nkp so the server has more difficulty to calculate the right position of the cars on track.
    Sorry for my bad english I hope to improve it here :p
  6. welcome here lepper ;)

  7. Uff


    This is not true: the net has been an important part of the simulator since the beginning, otherwise it would have probably been called "Kar Pro", instead of "netKar Pro", and it would have had AI. ;)
    You are right, by the way, when you say that improving something based on a 4-years old code is not easy and kunos said it by himself (even if he was referring to adding the rain feature). 1.3 should allow better races with the Vintage GT as it's not so extreme as the KS2: as you report, Stefano said that the most difficult part is indeed to have a good prediction code when a car is so extreme as the KS2 is. :)
    Anyway, let's hope to see some improvements in the netcode too!
  8. I'm sorry,I dont know all story of netkar of course :)
  9. But from what I've read about netKar thus far the original base version of the code was not even drivable but really just the simulation of car physics. It was then expanded with the ability to drive cars.
    As the implementation of AI code would require huge resources the netKar way was taken.. at least that's what I've thought as of now. Maybe Kunos may clarify on this.

    I myself think that the base code was not intended for online use..
  10. Yes maybe this is the true,but i don't know if the engine used is the same..anyway if you have a good connection and a powerfull server the lag isn't so bad.
    I see in rf the option enable nagle algorithm that improve,in some case,the ping of the client...anyone know how it works? (I know only that it's a different configuration of the client-server packages)
  11. Writing a new netcode can take a few months to be honoust
  12. or an entyre life :D
  13. Indeed, so dont wait for the perfect sim and get on track with this great sim for a super low price.
  14. agree completely :thumb:
  15. we'll have to make most fun of what we have. But I must say it's not the best strategy by Kunos to keep us motivated by exciting us about content and then not release it and not even telling anything about the delay and possible future release date.

    We would have been better off not even knowing about this update in the first place as it is now.
  16. I think that kunos is working on more aspects of nkp..we know only rain,osella and vintage but kunos it's a genius and I think that this lod delay means 2 things :1 thay have big problems with the code or 2 they try to improve many things in nk 1.3 like collision
  17. that thought came into my mind too, maybe we're waiting on some extra surprise that he wants to give us as christmas present :p
  18. yeh...nkp it's a great sim...I hope that in teh futur they will open the code for modding with a car converter (like track converter).
    rfactor sells many licenses due the modding and kunos IMHO have to consider this aspect.
  19. With open car modding (you mean physics also?) the risk is that this turns into baby brother to rFactor, with much lower general quality in physics.
    People already complain about many tracks in this game because of this.
    What is best I dont know though. =)
  20. rFactor became famous because of the modding community but it's not a hidden fact that some mods released are really of low quality. the main point of netkar pro, why has it become so great is because of the quality of every official content of the game. if nkp were open to modding, then it would be like netkar pro where it may be filled with low quality mods, miles away from the original content KS made. but the idea of open modding would still be great, given that the mods released are of good quality.

    edit: i added phrase 'became famous' i found that my post wasn't making any sense until then haha.. i overlooked what i have written/typed lol