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Will someone do Fraps / CamStudio video for me ? Lap of Circuit

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Paul Minnaar, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Sorry back on topic of Roy Hesketh, is there someone out there who will be ever so kind to create a video lap onboard at Roy Hesketh. My machine is not fast enough to record with Fraps/Cam Studio. I'd really like a quick lap of the circuit.

    Could the vehicles used, be preferably from the era (Alfa GTA) (Lotus Cortina) (Ford Escort) etc. and I wouldn't mind a faster lap from GTR2/GT Legends/P&G as well.

    This way I can also upload to youtube etc. - Full credit will be given to creator/driver.

  2. Thanks R Soul. Thing is, I don't use R Factor - I built out of BTB Evo for GTR2/GT Legends/P&G. Do they have a way of saving a replay ?
  3. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I would have done it for you but I don't have Simbin products.
  4. What about GT Legends ? Or how can I make this track available for R Factor? I'd like to do this one day anyway.
  5. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    No, I only have rFactor.
    As for putting it into rFactor, perhaps you could get BTB Pro, and then copy your Evo project folder into your BTB Pro installation? I'm not sure if it will work, but it's worth a try. Brendon's back anyway, so you shouldn't have trouble getting a license. Someone will have to confirm this though, before you dish out AU$70 and then find out it doesn't work. :)
    Otherwise, all I can think of is getting someone to convert it for you.
  6. To convert to rFactor, all you need is 3dSimEd and notapad.
    In rFactor locations folder make a new folder for your track 'yourtrackname', in that folder make another folder called 'tracknamemas',
    Open the trk file with simed and export the gmt's as rFactor gmt's and save them to the folder you made 'tracknamemas'
    Export textures to the same place.
    Copy your data files, trk, aiw, cam thumb and loading. *not gdb
    Change the extention of the trk file to scn and open it in notepad.
    Change the searchpaths to


    Underneath SearchPath add masfile entries *note yourtracknamemas.mas is commented out, that will be uncommented right at the end last of all.




    Find any BTB track that you have installed for rfactor and copy over the sky.mas to the folder 'yourtrackname'
    Open any BTB rfactor scn file in notepad and copy the skybox entries.
    Go to yourtrackname.scn highlight the skybox entries, delete them and paste the ones you just copied.
    Save the scn and close it.
    Copy any gdb file from another rfactor track, paste it in yourtrackname folder and rename it.
    Open the gdb file and append the first line and trackname, event name etc. The save.

    Fire up rFactor and it should all work. If it does, mas up the gmt's and textures into yourtracknamemas.mas (or any name you want to call it)
    Then append the scn file and uncomment MASFile=yourtracknamemas.mas and delete/comment out SearchPath=yourtracknamemas
    Fire it up again and if it all works, your done.

    *I think I have included every step here, I have tried to keep it brief, let me know if something doesnt work and I will see what I missed.
  7. gee that is some very useful information and not what I was intending to get out of this post, but I'll definitely try as I got RFactor bundled with my R25, just never registered it. Thanks a lot
  8. Paul - I've got GTR2 and Power & Glory, so can record a FRAPS video at high resolution for you.
    Edit: forgot to ask... do you want me to use the 0.9 version or do you have a new one? Any special view?

    mianiak - Wow, thanks for those steps! I've always figured it was straight-forward on the tracks, but never bothered to figure it out.
  9. Hi emery. New version not released yet, have made many good changes but not 100% complete yet. Will do soon, my life has just been upside down. I'd like inside the car please. A good lap in the GTA or Lotus Cortina should be around 1.19 or so. If you want, you could do a Porsche lap or whatever. I'd also like the same lap from the TV cameras. Thanks so much for the help.