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Will it be worth it?

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by James Wilson, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Premium Member

    I have played all codemasters's F1 games since 2010 and I've been impressed with each, all have been very good fun. F1 2013 was the first i tried properly on a wheel and that upped the fun factor of it. However, i ask is it worth it because i am not a guy who can throw cash at gaming out of nowhere, i like to buy games i know i will play, And f1 2014 will only last a few months if codies stick to their plan with 2015 releasing, so i'm asking you guys, will it be worth the £30 to buy and play for those few months, I mean im a huge f1 fan don't get me wrong, but when there is games/sims such as assetto corsa i can do pretty much the same thing at a more realistic standpoint its very hard for me to make this decision.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks for reading :)
  2. Thats kind of a personal decision my friend. From what I can see.. F1 2014 looks almost identical to F1 2013. Really no MAJOR differences. F1 2015 on the other hand will be "next-gen", with a whole new graphics engine. If you're tight for money I'd say just download the F1 2014 mod for 2013 and wait until 2015 comes out. Just my two cents though. Good luck!
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  3. James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Premium Member

    Yeah that's a good idea mate, and yeah money is not very tight it's just when i do buy stuff it has to have its worth, for example a wheel has its worth for a better racing experience, i can basically save £30 if i just do what ya do and get 2014 mod for F1 2013, Can you pm me the link please?
  4. I have been a massive F1 fan for nearly 9 years now but I cannot buy this game. I simply cannot, it's absolute travesty. AI can't race, they brake to a complete full stop on every slow corner, they cannot overtake, can't drive off line. Nothing.

    If I was working in marketing for F1 I'd just strip off Codemasters off their rights for the game, pay them full severance and then pretend like there was never an F1 game made by CM. Selling F1 2013 with new car models plus Sochi is disrespectful to everyone who bought the previous games. At this point CM should just concede that they're mediocre game developers and are way over their heads making F1 games. Stick to the arcade GRIDs, DIRTs, whatever.
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  5. Agreed on a lot of the points. Codemasters should have gone next-gen "new engine" with 2014 instead of this song and dance they are doing between the next two releases. I don't know the figures. but they fact they are releasing one every years says they must be making a decent profit on it to make it worth their while. I'll probably bend and go ahead and by 2014 just to not be the "kid on the block" without it per se.
  6. I don't think they can really afford to miss an year. I'm pretty sure that, thanks to Bernie, the rights to produce the game cost arm and a leg so they can't afford to skip a season. Otherwise they'll take a big hit.

    I believe that 2014 will be their worst try yet. Do you remember 6-7 months ago when there was talk of 2014 being Next-gen? Even CM employees said. Turns out it won't be. For me that's a clear sign that they got overwhelmed with the work and pushed the NG to 2015. Obviously the 360/PS3 and X1/PS4 versions of the game are vastly different, CM said themselves that they have to start from scratch. And since they already invested so much time and effort in the NG game (which got pushed 2015) now I'm pretty sure that 2014 is just a re-skin with new sounds.

    The pitstops have identical animations. The setups would work that same way, your race engineers will have the same voice and will tell you the same useless information.
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  7. Just my opinion, but I don't think it is going to be worth it. Codemasters have already said that their next-gen 2015 game will be out early next season and it will have live updates throughout the season. So anyone who buys 2014 will only have to wait a hand-full of months until 2015 is out. Also... if anyone is going to buy it, wait for a steam sale. The holidays are coming up and you will probably be able to get it for under $10.

    From F1.com
    "Our [2015] title for the new generation formats will mark a huge step forward for the F1 series. We want to be out there earlier in the season and deliver content updates digitally as the season progresses; it’s very exciting for the series and our players."
  8. Just a quick quastion, do people her think/or know if helmets from f1 2013 will work on f1 2014?
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Of course you all seem to be assuming that everyone on consoles will jump to next gen which is not the case. There are a lot of people who simply do not have the money to do that and with such a big old gen market it would have been nuts to not release on that this year and skip straight to next gen leaving a loyal fan base behind.

    CM come on for a lot of stick and in some cases rightly so but regardless of that they have produced a game that for very many people has provided countless hours of entertainment at an incredibly low value for money factor.

    I actually believe that 2014 will be completely worth the money and am eagerly anticipating getting my hands on it (Xbox version) in 10 days time :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2014
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  10. Why? Just because it says on the box "2014"? New car shapes, driver shuffles,new sounds and .....and....I can't think of anything else...can you? Nothing that shouldn't be available free in an update to F1 2013 to their loyal customers over the years. A good modder could probably do the same job.
    I love Formula 1, love it to my bones. But I am not going to pay full price for what is basically time filling, profit making customer rip off. It should be sold for $5 on Steam and then it might be worth it.
    For now I'll just play F1 2013 for my F1 thrills and mod it with the 2014 car colours and name changes.
    Thank god I am a PC gamer.
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  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    There has been enough in the videos I have seen to keep me interested for another season. Of course videos can be misleading both in the negative and positive and the proof will be in the tasting in 9 days time but I have not been disappointed with any of the previous versions so have no reason to suppose I will be with this one.

    I am sure if I was on PC I would likely feel the same, with the modding you guys have available it is a completely different situation but for console users that is not the case.

    I have had countless hours of fun with each and every one of the previous four versions equating to more value for money (pennies per hour of play time) than any other form of entertainment I can think of and this one will be no different. To you it may be a rip off to me it's a small price to pay for hours and hours of fun both in it's offline modes and also in the great racing in enables me to have with the guys I have met through this forum and been racing with for the past 4 years in our very successful Xbox F1 league.
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  12. Fair enough Peter. But you must ask yourself why Codemasters are willing to treat loyal customers in such a way. Pure greed in my opinion.
  13. I really dont see the appeal for this years game, graphics look identical, i think they even have been using the same track textures for 3 years now, even mods for the 2012 version had better track textures.

    And the old Formula One cars they added to 2013 was one of the big reasons i bought it. But this year they probably will not be added. The only DLC bonus you get is four extra DLC tracks. And the engines sound worse than the real life engines. I'll skip this one.
  14. this is the first f1 game i wont be buying in the 17 years i have closely followed the sport, the games are too dumbed down and i lose interest in driving them very quickly.
  15. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Member Premium Member

    What are the four tracks?
  16. Whats that looks frustrating about the AI this year, is that they are actually overtaking alot. But, only other AI drivers, when they drive up on the side of us they 99% of the times backoff and are suddently 1-2sec behind...

    Atleast from the videos I have seen...
  17. In a word: no. Not because its a copy of f2013, and not because the handling seems to be the same mushy never lose control, but solely for the ridiculous sounds. I hate these V6 hybrid engines. Also, the lack of choosing gears and constant dumbing down of setup options made me decide F12013 is the last F1 game ive bought for some time. My love affair with F1 is well and truly over.

    Onto Asseto Corsa then.