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Will BTB still work if I change my graphic card?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by richieduncan, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Hi folks.
    I've been reading through the forum but I can't work out if any hardware change or just changing the motherboard or processor affects the licence.
    I'm itching to get a new graphic card for a triple monitor set-up but my licence expires in 5 weeks so I could, theoretically, wait that long :)
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Btw, here's my "first" track. It's pretty rough looking but I've learnt a lot from it and had fun doing it. Next one should be better :)

  3. Brendon one told me it was the processor and motherboard the determined the hardware ID, so a new graphics card will not affect the license.

    Your track looks good, but I doubt local farmers would allow their sheep to munch the grass vergers with a rally in progress. And you need to reduce the panel length for the tight corners to help them look curved.
  4. That's great news, thanks! I'll get the new one ordered tonight and should have it running for the weekend.
    I see what you mean with the panel length. I had read that before but it never clicked until now.
    The track is actually the roads near where I live
    A couple of years ago, one of the local farmers brought in a herd of sheep from the Shetland Islands. They didn't care much for fences. They were roaming all over the road and in peoples' gardens eating all their plants. One sheep kept visiting me at work too, although I swear there was nothing between us! As it was just an experimental track, I thought I'd stick a few local jokes in. You might notice too, at the village crossroads, the local toerag being dragged away by the police :)
    Thanks for you help though R S. And thanks for the years of advice you've been posting here, which I've been reading a lot of over the last few weeks :)
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