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Will be looking for one more club to join

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chad711, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. I do not know if this matter or not but just wanted to post it just incase.

    I'd like to find another league/club to join. I want to continue to be a part of RD. However it seems that there isn't much going on here for GTR Evo for people in the US. Most schedules here seem to be more fitting for the schedule of people in Europe. It seems most of the time I saw for events where scheduled when I would be at work here in the US.

    So just a FYI and just making sure I am not breaking in rules.

    I have been online a lot lately and I have not be able to find any one on the RD servers when I am on.
  2. Thanks Warren. If I understand correctly they are only running Race07 right now with GTR Evo in the near future right? I think I got a PM from the guy that runs that.

    I don't play Race07. I have tried it but didn't like it too much. I will be playing a lot when I start to see some GTR Evo action.
  3. Check with Yves Larosse, but I think you will see a lot more EVO action here when we are confident that more people have the game.
  4. Chad,

    There are others in the US that run Evo.:thumb: Feel free to contact me if you want to have a pick-up race on the RD servers.:D If you post on the Evo forum, you might well get several folks to show. Both the Oceana folks and the Europe folks are sometimes around in our evening, or on weekends. I have had small pick-up races with Warren, Bram, and several others now. Ran the Nordschleife in the rain on Sunday with Bram and a few of his buddies. That was a trip. I only managed one lap in an M3, and I had to do most of it with a right front puncture.:rolleyes: That is one mean and long track in the rain! I hope to get to run with you sometime.

  5. Ok sounds good. So I should just post up on the GTR Evo forum when I am online?

    If there is a RD server up that I can join and no one is in there, what or how is it determined what track is loaded?