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Will Assetto Corsa have Doppler Effect?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bekim Dine, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Hi Aris, I would just like to ask a question regarding the sound in the game. I know you guys are working on getting the sound department to match the beautiful graphics, but will it have a Doppler effect?

    A good example of this is in GT5, the cars didn't sound great but the Doppler was fantastic. More recently SimBin showed us their incredible sound with that BMW and had some very nice Doppler effects. Can we expect this kind of advanced sound engine with AC?
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  2. magicfr


    Dopler effect? Are you sure you are talking about that?
    The doppler effect is when the car sound higher pitch when they coming toward the listener and they sound lower pitch when going outward the listener.
    I think every game have that , but it's more an effect for replay, exterior cam , than a driving effect.

    Talking about sound effects, I'd like to hear reberbs like in rFactor2, when you drive near a wall you ear the engine reberbing on the wall, it's sould very realsitic and add immersion.

    I also like to hear realistic sound attenuation, high pitch sound is attenuated at lower distance than low pitch sound. Also add great realism in replay and when driving.

  3. MarcG


    Surround Sound is a must, 5.1/7.1 etc I wanna hear backfires out the exhaust outlet to my left rear speaker, I wanna hear front engined cars generate more noise through my front speakers, if a car passes on my right I wanna hear rear right then rear front speakers over the lefts...I could go on but you get my drift!
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

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  5. My physics teacher used this to explain it to us a couple years ago XD
  6. Well yes I'm not too sure of the correct name of the effect(s) but you all know what I am trying to say. SimBin have done this with their BMW flyby video. It's basically the enviromental effects, reverb etc. Like the BMW 320i E46 video recently posted on the front page of Race Department with the heading Best Engine Sounds Ever. Listen to it from 34 seconds.

    I'm just asking if this will be in Assetto Corsa, rather than just a flat sounding "last gen" flyby sound like rFactor for example
  7. Is it really just that though, most games i´ve seen simply raise or lower the volume of the car coming at/away from you.

    Seems like it´s not fully representative of the Doppler Effect.
    As it´s moving away from you the wavelengths should be further apart but in games it does seem like wavelengths that emanate sound in all directions equally.
    Just volume goes up or down.

    There should be an added effect i believe, a delay type of thing.
  8. magicfr


    I think there 's a misunderstanding between ambiant reverb/echo and doppler effect ;)
    Because doppler are in games since ages, but that's true , except rFactor2, most game don't simulate echo/reverb on track scenary .
  9. Nope not talking about echoes, strictly doppler effect.
  10. magicfr


    Well, I hear doppler effect in racing games since F1GP1 in 1992 .... So I don't understand.
    Doppler effect pitch change because when the car is comming at you the wave length are compressed because they are emmited with speed, = higher pitch, and opposite when the car is going away for you.
    There is no relation with volume.
  11. Yes that i understand but the sound as far as i understand should not simply just be lower pitch.
    How it sounds changes as well. Not just turning down the volume.

    And it´s that i don´t think exist in games, it´s the same same sound higher or lower as it passes by.

    Listen to this, sound is fast as it´s coming towards you then every "cycle" slows down a notch as it has passed.
    Because of bigger wavelengths.

    So instead of this, with more space between the wavelengths,

    We get this, but in a moving car.
  12. I think you don't understand that pitch and volume are different things.
    And yes, the sound will simply have lower or higher pitch with Doppler effect.

    EDIT: I can confirm it's working perfectly fine in GTL.
  13. magicfr


    Okey, sorry for the misunderstanding, when I said higher pitch, In my mind it was using FMOD SetFreq().
    So you are right it is higher freq,meaning higher pitch AND the loop is faster :)
  14. I do understand that. That wasn´t my point..
  15. Not sure what was the point? The Doppler effect is indeed just a change of pitch. Plus the regular volume drop with increasing distance.

    As I mentioned, it's working fine in GTL. Haven't checked anything else, I would think it has been a standard thing in games for a long time.
  16. magicfr


    Acutally the Doppler is a change of Frequency to be precise, meaning it's pitch and also faster.
    The example of the fireman truck is very good indeed
  17. Not a native English speaker, pretty much the same thing to me :D

    Here's a netkar video, a couple of relevant moments in the first 20 seconds. Sounds like I would expect it to sound, a change in frequency as the car passes the camera. Can any of you point to a sound issue there?
  18. magicfr


    I personnaly think most games ( so nkP included ) since long time have the doppler correctly done, because it's SO simple to implement.
    What we do miss in this video is all the reverb surround that will make us feel on the track.
    rFactor2 is very good in this domain, when the car drive near a wall, you can hear the engine reverb on the wall.
    Also we miss a low pass filter base on distance as low frequency sound travel further than high frequency sounds.
  19. I think that what Bekim is referring to is a reflection/reverb effect that occurs after a car has passed where the sound waves are bouncing off of the evironment and can be very loud in relationship to the distance of the passing car. If you watch real-life videos, you can hear the effects and in person, they are even more dramatic. I believe that the Raceroom Racing Experience Teaser attempts to emulate that effect to a higher degree than any other game to date although, I don't think it's quite there yet.