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Porsche Posse (LIVE)

WIll a wheel decrease in term of performance ??

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by LazyBug, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Just a simple question. Using a 6 yrs old DFGT and wondering if the wheel will actually decrease performance in term of FFB.
    Already some button not function properly and sometime pedal will disconnect from the wheel if i move the wire between them.

  2. Motors do wear out eventually, but failure usually is in the power supply.
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  3. Whats the Symptom for motor wear out then ?? Thanks
  4. Smoke or non-functional.
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  5. Most problems can be fixed though except if you burn the motor. Especially broken cables and dirty contacts are worth some diy approach.
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  6. Understood .. but instead of doing this & that to clean those dirty contact i thinking might be better just get another new one since another DFGT wheel is very much affordable to me.
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  7. I once had to retire from a race because i suddenly lost ffb and smoke was comming out of my g27. These were pretty obvious symptons that my motor died :p
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