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Wierd, RBR change camera settings in car.ini file?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Thomas Grzmil, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have got a question for people who change their camera in cockpit from the file.

    I have set my camera above the dashboard so it is mor real from the .ini file.

    1st I have done it with Renault Clio R3 and it is still good.

    Then I have tried it with A8W-09 Subaru Impreza S14, 1st I was able to change views from the .ini file but later no matter what values I write camera doesn't move.

    So I have changed the car to A8W-05 Fabia WRC, once again I have changed the camera from .ini file and it was cool. Then have rebooted my pc turn on game and the camera in cockpit is default again... I have even set the file to read only but it still changes the values by itself after I turn off rsrbr or pc.

    The funny thing is that the .ini file with Renault Clio R3 is still good and my settings are saved. I have no clue why and how does it changes the values (even when set to read only)

    Any ideas?
  2. I have never done it, but my guess is that RSRBR changes all car files to defaults when you select a car pack and drive.
    It will work when you first change it, but when you close it and try again at another time, it will again paste the default files back, and your changes will be lost.

    Check this folder: C:\Richard Burns Rally\RSRBR , and try changing the values in those files.
  3. omg! this can be true!!! I am in a middle of championship so I will not experiment with this now but damn!!! I think this is the source of my problem :)))) Thanks so much in advance !

    I will check it and write if it helps later
  4. :( even there rsrbr brought it to default... that is so wierd..
  5. You can use Camhack to pre-set the driving view, just set it up and save it to an allocated button.
  6. How do you save it to a button? Will do it in last resort
  7. Senad Subasic you were right :)

    You have to edit it in

    x:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\RSRBR

    and here unpack .7z files, edit there and pack them again.

    I didn't unpacked the files and my changes were never saved ;)

    Thx Nigel for the program I might come handy
  8. If you are using Rallyesims CarIniManager and WorkerBee's PaceNote Plugin then you can transcribe camera settings from the Plugin directly into the CarIniManager. Quite useful if you are having problems visualizing what the camera settings will look like in RSRBR.

    What I have found is that you need to get RSCenter to reload the settings you have saved in CarIniManager by pulling up a different car and then perhaps closing down RSCenter then reopening it and choosing the car you changed the settings for. It would appear that RSCenter saves settings and reloads the saved settings when it restarts. :(