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wicked understeer

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Don Davis, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Somewhere along the lines i've developed some insane understeer. I honestly want to blame it on one of the lotus upgrades mid season lol. I even feel i'm having to brake insanely early for corners just to hope for some front grip. Even set the front wing to max angle for fun one race, in hopes of a change. Anyone else with un bearable understeer?
  2. Are your front wheels still going round? There's very little visual or audio feedback for when the front wheels lock under braking. It caught me out a few times when using setups from other people.

    Can't imagine why that would happen to you though because of an upgrade but you never know.
  3. Yep, same here. Yesterday I was struggling in some fast corners to keep my car on the track (Istanbul). Different setup's did not alter the problem. Now that I read your thread the problem is half solved. My Force India also received an upgrade: 5% more front downforce. LOL. I'ts working out the opposite direction. :)
  4. off topic, if i need to tweak the setup for more grip (excluding the type options , and not for time trial ) in what order do i start making changes and which change affects grip the most.

    break bias
  5. aero affects grip the most, once your up to speed, but it also increases drag so you should try to get grip elsewhere first

    camber will affect grip at all times and it comes without increased drag so I start here

    toe doesn't affect grip in the same sense, all it does is give a faster response when you turn into a corner simply because the wheel on the side of the car taking all the cornering load is already pointing into the corner - it comes with increased tyre wear and should also sacrifice straight line speed

    you can soften the front of the car, you will get more grip but it's less responsive (more bouncy) and you might have to increase ride height since the car could now bottom out

    ride height should be low as possible, that way you get downforce from above, which unlike downforce from the front (wings) won't increase drag

    key is to have it in balance, understeer might be caused by the rear not keeping up with the front so if you make a front setting change, you should change the rear as well if your trying to maintain balance
  6. at first i was thinking just bad locking, but i started trying faster corners without braking and the car just wont hold a line at all. maybe time for a reinstall.

    Edit: i had tinkered with some mods, and am chalking the issues up to a bad mix of 'em. thought i had backups, something still feels off.
  7. Funnily enough I've been having the same problem and was going to post here for advice.

    I'm currently struggling with the series of corners at the start of Suzuka but I've also been terrible at Monaco and Singapore. To be honest I just put it down to a crap car (Virgin) as nothing I do seems to make it able to handle these bends.

    During practise at Suzuka I'm only 21st but I've saved before quali and don't think I'll do much better!

    Any advice?
  8. like all series of bends, you should think of the best position to exit the last bend, then work out how you will do the second bend to get into that position, then do the same with the first bend into the second, the last corner is key and all the other corners are just trying to get you out of the position for that last bend

    it takes some restraint, sometimes going slow where it seems obvious you should be going faster - but hammering into the first bend puts you out of position for the second and you got no hope in the third etc
  9. Cheers for the advice but it doesn't matter now as I got a corrupt save and have had to restart my season lol

    Re started in a Torro Rosso and it instantly feels so much better than the Virgin so I reckon part of it was the crap car - or was it just me? :)