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Wich mods for next rF leagues ?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Hi there guys,

    probably I’m a little bit early in asking this but …:tongue:
    … what will be the mods for next leagues starting after summer ? any ideas ?

    If not yet planned, will be a started off a poll about mod, race day etc ?

    thanks :)
  2. The next league planned is with the V8Factor Unleashed mod - not yet released, but you can practice V8Factor 1.3 if need be, you can find it in our Downloads.
  3. Perfect opportunity for me to mention.......Clios!!?,you been keeping your finger on the Clio pulse lately Ryo?,there be newer versions from last time we were out with them eh?,and also something else i wanted to mention for maybe an attempted revival is the ever brilliant PCC!?.
  4. Clios - there is supposed to be a patch in development, ironing out a few bugs but no word as of yet.

    PCC - meh - a bit old school now. I can only run one league at a time really, and V8s are a logical move after the moderate success of Season One.
  5. Maybe a sneaky little cold winters nights Clio "Mini-Cup" possible if they do some favourable patching then?.

    Agreed PCC is total old school,but still very high quality and feel perfect.
    Its actually the recent success with V8 and now WTM that has gathered a very large and keen rF community around here again,and i bet loads of those guys havent tried PCC?,could be cool to dust them down again some day and get one of those old school big grid races setup again :).
  6. +1

    PCC would be a great choice...
  7. PCC is very good, but my suggestion goes for the DTM, also great cars to drive.

    Other question, I know you have a league with Endurance Series, but why not have some events at the Racing Club?

  8. yeah would be nice some endurance club event like the ones with race 07..... will be cool put up some event (2h of race would be nice) with prototype and gt cars..... i think that after the 24h of "Le Mans" there will be a lot of driver....at least i hope that!!! :p
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys - the problem with Endurance events is that you need 40 drivers really, 10 in each class to make it viable - and those who regularly compete in Endurance races often just take part in league races on whatever site. Also there is not much space in the rFactor schedule at the moment. We'll see what we can do.
  10. Why not just use one class each time? In some classes there are only two cars, this way no complain about choices.
  11. good idea
    the endurance mod from enduracers is great (phisic, graphics and FFB are very good) and there are Porsche too :wink:

    anyway all races managed by Ryan are and were very cool (mod and tracks perfect) so I'll join his rF league on september :wink: I hope the race start time will suit me :tongue:
  12. I do see your point here - however, IMO LMS racing is about mixed class, but we will see what we can do of course.

    Just an opinion on the physics of Enduracers - it's not actually that good, the low speed handling is quite poor, while the tyre model could certainly be better. I would expect in SP1 a few changes to the physics. Of course, the graphics and sounds are incredible.

    This is almost the problem with rFactor however - there are too many mods almost. It is a good and a bad thing, good because there is something for everyone, bad because everyone wants something different. If I was able I would run an rFactor event every day of the week - there are enough mods, but probably not enough players. The trick is to not spread drivers too thinly over the events, finding mods that are a nice middle ground for everyone, it's pretty difficult. If we change mod every week, we lose players - as the vast majority cannot keep learning new tracks and cars (mods which often have very differnt FFB feeling also) - hence why we try to run with some continuity.
  13. completely agree with you
    that's why RD is a great place for racing

    actually the meaning of my thread was to know with large advance, and from rF racing staff, the mods for next leagues and have more time to practice with them :)