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why would I buy this instead of rfactor / rfactor 2 ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by MS7XWDC, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. it looks pretty much the same .. without any F1 mods though

    I'm new to it, what are it's advantages ?
  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    I think that everybody will say to you that you have to buy GSC.
    The reason?
    RF2 is not released yet... So difficult to know its qualities... (what will its physics be?)

    Overall, GSC offers you terrific tracks and a wonderful ffb to feel each cm² of these tracks with a lot of fun online.
    So, for 30$, you have 20 layouts, 4 cars et the best sim I know...
  3. Read this
    I think you will have a better idea what people think of this sim

    For me its simple, I prefer GSC quality over rF1 quantity. (I have both)

    And GSC have F1 cars! The Formula Classic is based on a 1988 F1 and the new Formula Reiza on a 2010 F1
    Its a real pleasure to drive any of those cars.

    You can download GSC demo and see for yourself, its a little short (30 min) but it was enough for me to click on buy.
  4. ive tried, every [ supposedly] sim out there.. and this game comes top of my list for realism, just try the demo, and hammer the stock car round for a couple of laps, and you will see what i mean..
  5. this is nothing like a mod for rfactor, its so much better, it might look the same but its really not, ffb and physics are verry good and the tracks are great fun and now with f1 formula reiza and classic f1 and f3 its fantastic
  6. I ve done 2 seasons on iracings williamsf1, and Formula Reiza is much more better, i just wish we had more participation, im trying to find people to do a Freiza race today
  7. Freiza, that's it.
  8. but I only drive F1 cars .... is there an F1 mod for it ?
  9. Have you tried the demo? I don't know if the FReiza is in there with the Classic, but check it out to see if it's there.
  10. if you look at the top of the page on the right there is a f1 car not official but if your a type of person that has to have the proper skins and teams then don't get but most don't care as its one of the closest things to a real f1car in most peoples books
  11. Like mention several time in this thread, there is a F1 car it's call Formula Reiza. And the formula Classic is an 1988 F1.

    But i get the feeling what you are looking for is a full field of current F1 teams with F1 tracks.

    GSC is mainly a StockCar V8 sim with real teams and tracks from 2010 (i think) championship, recently Reiza added 2 fantastic F1 cars and soon we should get a F3 that should fit the GSC track selection better, the only real F1 track we have atm is Interlagos (and Jerez even if not a current F1 track)

    I was mainly looking for open-wheelers before trying GSC, the quality of the sim is so good that i couldn't resist buying it, and I really enjoy driving those V8 now and only regret i didn't bought it sooner.

    Only you know what you really want, all we can tell you is that the quality of physics, tracks, ffb, textures of the whole GSC package is outstanding. The demo is there for you to try, i don't know if new F1 cars are included in the demo or the 1.7 patch but if you can upgrade the demo you should ugrade everything you can before launching the game, demo is only 30 minutes.

    But again, if you're only looking for F1 cars and tracks then maybe this is not for you... your lost hehehe :)
  12. yes, i've driven it. but it's not an F1 2011 Mod :(

    and yes, that's what i would like

  13. GSC has better graphics than rFactor 1, new tracks, new cars, better FFB, very good physics, and you won't need a subscription after 12 months to play it online whereas it will be the case for rFactor 2 (but small subscription 12.99 $/year).
  14. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    The correct answer is you should buy them all ;)
  15. thats the spirit!

    buy them all, try them all, and drive the ones YOU like the best and have fun!
  16. *hoppingaround*

    That's the Idea! :D
  17. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    I am really curious about how RF2 could be better than GSC in terms of driving.
    Juste drove on Vanport with the Armaroli. OMG, it is fantastic...
  18. I'm keen, I really love V8 Supercars so this would suit me well.

    But how many players are going to be online on Australian time (GMT+8)?
  19. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    May I suggest that the demo is set to run for longer please, as 30 mins is pretty minimal. After going through all the settings menus, plus trying to get my wheel to work correctly, then finding the sensitivity was way too high, I barely had time to test the game.

    I think I managed about 1/4 of a lap at Interlagos in the Formula 3 car ....

    Out the pits, over-corrected when hitting the kerb ..... spin

    Next corner, braked too late ...... off into the run-off area

    Next corner, same as above ...... dropped to desktop, 'please buy the game'

    Not enough time for a good appraisal (nor good driving from me). I did buy it, because I liked what I was feeling through the wheel, and what I was hearing. More time would have been nice though!
  20. I agree completely with Gnu, I have just tried the demo, I was aware I only had 30 minutes so I was quick to setup my options and controller, but had no time at all to make any setup changes. I probably drove a total of 5 laps, if that. Don't get me wrong, it looks really good, and I am about to buy this, but my steering and FFB is still not set up properly, so I have to rely on people's comments on this forum to decide if it's worth it, rather than the actual game demo. Surely that defeats the point of the demo. I would suggest it would be fairer to make it 2 hours or so, that would give more time to set up and then get a genuine chance to appraise the feel of the driving.
    Please don't take this as a moan, as I say I am about to buy this anyway, but I think you may encourage more purchases if you consider making this change :)