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Why the rush to mod GSC?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Justin Davis, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis

    I have GSCX and love it, don't get me wrong. It really is in a league of it's own... I just don't quite understand the rush to port rF1 mods over to it. I've poked around in the install directory and it doesn't look like GSC offers anything over rF1 in regards to mods.

    Of course the content it ships with is sublime, but as far as actual mods go, is there a benefit to playing an rF1 mod in GSC over just playing it in rF1? Or is it just that most of the people who are modding GSC don't have rF1?

    Re-reading my post It kinda sounds like I'm complaining or something, which is not the case. I'm genuinely curious. If GSC does have something over rF1 then I'll be all on board for re-downloading my favorite mods... As for now though I have my GSC install and my 30 bazillion rF1 installs living separately.
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  2. Hi Justin, to put it quickly, my feeling is that physics and track feedback are better in GSC, and I've played same content both in rF and GSC (mods). GSC wins, plus I don't have to have two games installed on my hd.
    In sum, take your opinion regarding GSC and "port" it to your favorite mod. That's it. :)

    When in doubt, try it.
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  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Thanks David, :thumbsup:
  4. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis

    Cool, that's pretty much what I figured... Makes sense as far as consolidating game installs, I'm just spoiled by the "tweak"-a-bility of rFactor so I'm a little hesitant to switch over to GSC for mods. Might give the Blancpain mod a go, as I've been having a lot of fun with that in rF1... Thanks!
  5. Yes, try it. Just keep in mind that the Blancpain mod, although veri nice to race, isn't perfectly ported, i.e., there are minor annoyances like parts of the car appearing in mirrors (just set Self In Cockpit Rearview = 0 in your .plr file to solve this) and sometimes overheating tyres. You can take a peek here to see more about this mod. Read the install procedures and then right below some bugs that you may encounter.
  6. I like the blancpain mod, and just tried the GTR 2010 which looks like fun also.
  7. I don´t quite understand it either. the conversions don´t match the stock content to the point I am not even close to consider trying to find a spot for those races in my schedule.
  8. One big reason for mods is just the tracks, most of the standard GSC tracks are just to small for fast F1 cars, so it helps having a few more tracks that are better suited for F1.

    The other thing is simply that not everybody owns rFactor.

    No idea if there are any physics, AI or graphic advantages when playing mods in GSC instead of rFactor.
  9. Well, I like the shaders in GSC, way more than rFactor. :)