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Why only a few are interested in nKpro racing club races?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Stefan Mizzi, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. I am really missing nKpro as I feel it's a great sim. Races can be really fun, heaps of tracks and the cars feel great.

    As you all know, online community to just jump on a server and race is always almost nil.

    And I have noticed that even in RD club races, the interest is very low!

    So, I must ask...why such a low interest in nKpro? I am curious to know why only a few take part?

  2. I wouldn't mind knowing myself :D

    The cars in netkar are very different from one another, I think most people only like a few of them, and dislike the rest.
    Perhaps the timing or format is not suited.
    And then there's the old catch 22; too few people signed up, so I won't sign up.
  3. Hi Senad,

    Hmmm. I like all cars in nKpro..but I'm quite slow in some of them so I would not race. So I can understand why some dislike some cars, maybe because they are tricky to handle.

    However, I think that the osella, abart and F2000 are not that difficult to master and can be fun!

    Maybe we need to advertise it more!? :D

    I would like to know the reason why people don't sign up for races.

    PS: like I said, I did not sign up in last race cause I had another one with the rF2 Clio :)

    For example...one fun race with osella at Fuji like below could be fun!!

  4. Osella seems to be one of the less popular cars :D

    Since KS2 seems the most popular, I put up another KS2 event for next week.
    Personally my least favourite car. And my most favourite cars, F1600 and F1800, are least favourite to others :D

    I try to use them all in a rotation, so there's something for everyone.

    For the record, not sure if Fuji is a legal track, don't think Albert has a habit of asking permission. RD doesn't condone illegal conversions.
  5. Yeah, I've seen that poll. I honestly do not know why many don't like the Osella. My feeling with that car is one of the best in all the sims I have ever played...weird!

    KS2 is not one of my favs :( Maybe cause I am slow with it. Oh well, the majority rules.

    PS: Sorry about Fiji, didn't know about that.
  6. No worries. It's a shame, we can't use a lot of netkar tracks because of that.

    Anyway, yeah, KS2 is too fast for me. I don't enjoy it that much, I lack the precision, and reflexes for it.
    I enjoy GT Legends type of racing :D. Plenty of time to set up for a corner or a pass. Lower risk of incidents. If you go over the edge, you can correct, and you can have fun with it.
    netkar equivalents are F1600/F1800, Abarth, Vintage, and even F2000.
  7. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Staff Member Premium Member

    I love the sim, but i struggle when jumping from gtl to Netkar... and end up off track to easy.. i need a bit of time to feel comfortable .... I will start to put some more time in it ...:D
  8. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Premium Member

    I love Netkar and most of the cars are awesome to drive because they all have a different feel to them, I have my favourites like most simracers the Osella being one of them.

    Netkar is the ultimate sim in my opinion, the reason I dont run in the weekly events is time zone difference, a major issue for most of us Aussies and theres lots of us into simracing. I tried to organise an Aussie event here at RD a few years ago, but intrest in the idea was dissapointing to say the least.

    Heres hoping Assetto Corsa will bring the masses back to the best sim in existance.

  9. Hi Rupe, yeah, I understand what you mean. Maybe we should organize some practice sessions days before the race, so we can learn the track, share setups and get confident etc...?

    Hi Adrew, I've lived in Brisbane in 2011 and had the same feeling! Was a bit frustrating that I could not find anyone online due to time difference :(
  10. Teemu Toikka

    Teemu Toikka
    Not so Flying Finn

    I have a league race on Wednesday, so the date doesnt suit me. Which is a shame because I love nk Pro.
  11. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Premium Member

    Yes, a big problem for the Aussie simracer is our "LOVE of V8 Supercars", if nKPro had V8SC as a mod it would be full every event :O_o:

    Stefan, I take it your no longer living in Brissy?
  12. Hehe, true regarding the V8SC. I managed to see a race at Calder Park, it was nice.

    Yeah, I was in bloody heaven there jumping from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine coast on the weekends, great job etc...but wife feel home sick and we came back to Europe. Tough luck mate as I miss it so much!
  13. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Premium Member

    Calder is one of my favourite tracks mate, fast long main straight then quite technical through the back of the circuit, not that ive been there though, thats one problem with living on the West coast of Oz everything else is so far away and we only have Wanneroo here in Perth. Dont get me wrong it's a great place to live if your NOT into motorsport.

    I can understand you loving the the Gold coast culture, whats not to enjoy ;).
    Maybe you will come back in the future, I'm sure your wife would grow to love Oz given more time.
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  14. For the Australians, there is an Aussie "series" atm, only 2 of us regularly racing though (as nobody seems to play nkpro). We run the Vintage Replica. More info on the realism racing website...hopefully there will be something on RD when AC is released (it'll give me an excuse to apply for an RD license!).
  15. I can't make Wednesdays anymore, otherwise would love to run nKPro, I am a big fan of the KS2 mainly though.
  16. I think this is one of the main reasons ... most cars are difficult to handle and people just dont want to spend a lot of time learning ... when they try to learn and participate they allways race against the few "aliens" with "magic" setups who participate and lost motivation to continue ...

    to be competetive in nKP online you need to dedicate yourself to it and "get" a good setup ... or you just accept the fact that you will never be fast enough to compete with the leaders and enjoy the races in the back end together with the others "turtles" :) ... the problem is that the "turtles" rarely sign up again after the 1st experience because it was frustrating... and the low sign ups numbers keep people away

    the solution? i dont think there is one ... unless slow drivers (like me) just start enjoying the nKP driving and wait for others like them to join ... thats what i have been doing all this time ... i have allways been a "turtle" in every sim ... i allways race with default setup ... and everytime i sign for a event i hope to find a driver wich i can match and enjoy the race ... even with default setup sometimes i can now keep up a good pace and sometimes challenging the "not so fast aliens":)

    In the end is just a shame to see the best sim with so few drivers:(
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  17. We @Iraceonline also stop organizing NKP championships, there's very few interest by now, seems like everyone is just waiting for AC.

    Personally, these days I'm enjoying GSC for a change.
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  18. dont think that is the reason cause people keep playing on other "easy sims" like Race07, GSC, Rfactors, ... others also say its because of netcode ... but netcode is very functional ATM

    the most incredible is that everyone says beautifull things about nKP physics/ffb but just few of us are willing to play it ... my afraid is that the better the sim the less popular will become just because it take too much effort to learn it ... maybe thats why AC will be more "arcade" and less "simulator"
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  19. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    AC will not be a dumbed down hardcore sim at all :)

    Part of the NKP problem is the scattered community. At some point we had a nice series of events going here for a couple of months but then people feel the need again to split it up with as a result that nobody is having healthy grids anymore.

    I am sure if we all put some efforts in it and invite your friends to have a race with you online we can fill up those grids easily.
  20. Unfortunaltly i was not here at those happy nKP days in RD so i dont know what reasons made people split it up ...

    but ATM with just one race a week changing through every cars will be very hard to feel a driver needs ... and that might also be one of the reasons ... keeping 2 or 3 races a week with same cars might help people to dedicate learning a specific car and not just quiting after 1 event ... but i understand if RD cant do it cause they also need to keep up the "available slots" to other sims where people show more interest ...