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Why no Formula 1 in RACE On?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rob Casey, May 12, 2010.

  1. Why didn't they include formula 1 in Race On? Why have masters and not F1?
  2. Cos Codemasters have the license.

    And the license is bloody expensive.
  3. Well, they could have don't what everyone else does and just called them something different.
  4. Errr, yeh - cos then they would have got massive sales from the fake name.

    Anyway - there are Formula 1 mods both for RACE and rFactor.

    So there isn't really a need.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    If life would be that easy huh :) ?
  6. I hear you but to tell the truth the lastest F1 mod seems a bit beta. The physics are not up to par with those of stock simulator cars.
  7. Perhaps you would be kind enough to lend your extensive experience and assistance?
  8. Lol.... And you have driven F1 cars to be a judge of that? most of the people I know love the Mak-Corp F1 mod.
  9. Are you talking about the MMG F1 2007 mod? Cause that's pretty fine in my opinion! We even ran a league during the beta test of that!
  10. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    The MMG 2007 mod definitely isn't 'beta' in my opinion! One thing i've noticed while using it is that i can run timed laps comparable to real 2007 F1 lap records, so they must've done something right!
  11. If you're running close to real record times then they made it too easy.

    Calm down Ross, I'm only teasing. :p
  12. @Rob

    Uhh i tried the mmg mod and all i can say its a really good mod and certainly not a beta.
    The makers of the f1 mod put alot of effort in it :)
  13. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I don't think many would agree with you on that front.

    You would'nt believe the amount of work that went into that mod. It's about as polished a piece of work as you will ever see in a race mod.
  14. I don't know if your being serious or just sarcastic, but in the case of the ladder, you don't known me, and don't know anything about me. Constructive criticism is not necessarily meant to be insulting, merely constructive, which was my only intent.

    The physic do not seem on par with the rest of the sim. Steering, traction and over correction control seems a bit off. I also got the feeling of the car being way to floaty. When adjusting the rear wing the downforce does not seem proportional to the reduction in speed incurred. I don't know how the physic were derived but I think if the f3000 physics had been tweaked a little for speed, acceleration what have you it would make for a more consistent feel. It's a nice mod for sure and the graphics are really nice, but the physics could use a little tweaking IMHO. Not an insult just my feeling.

    Admittedly, "beta" was probably too strong of a term. It seems like a version 1 which correct me if I am wrong, it is.
  15. Well, there is something in it, that Simbin's cars drive more naturally, but they had a lot more resources to do that! And they wouldn't have those resources for a fake F1 class I think! (no test, no telemetry data, etc.)

    Still even if it's not the same quality as Simbin, it's still very good quality, one of the best made mods around and the best F1 one I think!

    Now Codemasters has the chance to talk to the teams and get as much data as possible! Hopefully they'll do their best to simulate today's F1 cars!
  16. F3000 and F1 physics had almost nothing in common. 5 tires compounds, much wider range of wing settings (100 clicks vs. 25= 1 click on the F3000~4 clicks on the f1s), MUCH lower cars, higher top/cornering speeds, etc... etc... etc... Not to mention most of the hard core open wheeler drivers do not like the F3000 for their unrealistic physics.

    I am curious how much time you have spent with the mod? Many are driving it for months (take a look at this -> http://f1.racedepartment.com/) and one thing is for sure. Those cars require a lot of seat time and setup work. Taking them out for a spin then pretending to be a critic is not sufficient. Then comparing them to the F3000 is even funnier and without any disrespect shows how little you have raced other open wheelers.
  17. To tell you the truth I don't know anything about f3000 as we don't get coverage here in the States and I don't keep up with it at all, never have. I am personally more of a rally enthusiast myself. My only reason for saying that is that the f3000 in the sim scaled for speed and the like would have probably seemed more realistic or what you would expect then what is currently implemented. The F3000 seems tight and sticks to the road like you'd expect form an F1. It's much more like all the other F1 sims I've used so I guess they are all off too. Not a jab at the mod just saying it seems like they started from scratch with the physics model for the F1. I'm have to invest the time to tweak the ride to my liking. Just the first impression with the default setup seemed a bit unwieldy and unnatural.
  18. You are looking for an arcade ready to play out of the box F1 game. You are right the Mak-Corp F1s (or any other F1 mod for RACE or rFactor) are not for you as they take a lot of finess and seat time to develop. We have a league race this weekend, some of the top drivers spend long hours on their setups to get the car right as the default is just "ok".

  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Then the so called hardcore drivers are not very hardcore as the F3000 must be the most realistic car SimBin ever build, according to real life F3000 drivers that tested the car in the RACE 07 demo days!

    Personally I don't like the handling either as a gamer, but you can't say it has unrealistic physics because its not true.

    In 2007 I got a hold on the real life setup data of the Scuderia Fama Team that raced for years in the F3000 series and the mechanics were stunned by how it matched with their real cars.
  20. Re-read what I said (and what u quoted)? :) I never drove a real F3000, so I have no clue if they are realistic or not. BUT why do you think so few people drive them?