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Why is there no rain in Iracing?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by henrikcomn, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. henrikcomn


    So this game have been around forever, and is by many seen as the best racing simulator out there with thousands of players online every day.

    But how come there is no weather effects except sunny and foggy weather?
  2. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    historically, iRacing has developed from of the old NASCAR titles. In real life, NASCAR never run in rain, it is way too dangerous in packs on banked turns.
    that, I suppose is the reason behind there being no rain at the outset, some years ago.
    iRacing is now slowly introducing weather effects like fog / damp and wind, all of which feel more sensible to me than the simulated rain I played in games like race07.
    I suppose rF02 is out ahead in this area and iRacing nver like to be second best, so they do not even enter the competition before they are not sure they have nailed it spot on. Just my guess.
    It will come just as surely as night/day dynamics will come.
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  3. William Levesque

    William Levesque

    Because proper rain physics is hard to simulate, and the current tyre model is already wonky in dry weather so... (loses it's **** by only changing cloud cover, lol)
  4. Anindo


    You have rain in iRacing all the time from the physics compare to real sims like Assetto Corsa, which simulates real grip. Okay, i hate iRacing, because this stupid Skip Burber is such a horrible car to drive and not only this. In a real car (or a real sim) you feel, when a car is loosing grip. In this game i feel nothing. Rain in iRacing? How they can surpass this most unrealistic unforgiving grip-behaviour i know from a sim?
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
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  5. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    we must be playing a different game ... but let's not have a debate, this is more a religious question, and those do not lend themselves to debate.
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  6. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium

    The Skip Barber has a very different driving style to every other car on the sim. It has lift off oversteer as the car was designed unbalanced to train drivers how to race. What you need to do is have the throttle on all the time, even under braking a little. This will cure the over steer with enough practice at it.
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  7. muscimol


    If you are really think that Skip Barber is a horrible car, I can precisely point the problem and it lies somewhere between the wheel and the chair, not in the sim ;).
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  8. Dazmaniac


    I guess reason iRacing has no rain is the same reason AC and RRRE have no rain.
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  9. Patrick Moore

    Patrick Moore

    Cool! (no pun intended)

    Do you know if the weather will be dynamic or unpredictable for official races?
    I think it would be cool to have a chance of weather changing during a race depending on the duration of the event. Or to qualify in certain weather conditions only to have the weather at the actual event be different - I guess you would also have to include a "weather forecast" for the events?

    The MotoGP at Bugatti circuit last weekend was brilliant. The weather for saturday quali was cool and overcast. On Sunday the weather was sunny and warm. This change in weather added a lot of drama with tire choices and setups. Several of the fast qualifiers did nott perform as well on Sunday. In particular the Hondas had issues with front wheel grip and many riders crashed out.
  10. fortress


    I totally agree with that.. People who keep telling they dont feel what the car is doing, are wrong. I feel when i'm losing traction from the wheel and from my motion cockpit hah

    But from the wheel, i feel it.. So i dont understand how poeple dont feel it. Maybe updgrade your wheel??? Iracing doesnt provide canned FF effect.. just the real thing

    FOr me , its completely the opposite.. IT feel more natural for me in iracing than the other games.. Of course AC feel good but iracing ahead ;)
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  11. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    I have to say its always down to your ffb settings. When I got my T300 wheel and used it on iR for the first time, I couldnt feel what the car was doing at all. I was using the same driver settings I was using for RaceRoom, which worked for that but not iR. Once I messed around with the driver settings and tried it again, it was alive and like you all say, very natural. I was instantly back to my old speed again or well..faster than before. Luckily with iR there isnt too many ffb settings to mess with compared to others and even better, each car has its own settings and button mapping. Little details like that just win me over.
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