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Why is it bogus to predict the death of the United States of America?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mohamedou Ari, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    Our politicians are passing Draconian laws. Our youth have no future. Our government is getting larger. Our military is weakening abroad.

    Here's another point I should make according to many religious texts.

    A civilisation will fall when it lives in total moral relativity.

    Americans are somewhat close to living in total moral relativism.

    Tell me, why is it bogus to say America will die if it seems like it is heading down that path?
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  2. All empires have fallen given time. Right now USA is an empire and the only thing they can control is how hard they will fall because fall they will,

    Same goes for China, India and any other country in the future.
    But it sure looks like USA is setting itself up for a massive fall.

    I would probably guess USA will have a revolution or civil war within 10-20 years.
    You can almost feel it in that air already.
  3. They're really only draconian if you're on the other side of the particular issue. Which is not the case for everyone. The other side might simply consider them common sense.
    You still have the best universities in the world and thousands of students are flocking to them from abroad every year. Just because the global economy is going through a slump doesn't mean it's all going downhill from here.
    Yeah, if they keep this up, in 50 years the U.S. government might be as big as European governments. And we all know it's complete anarchy over here, especially in the Scandinavian states which both have some of the biggest governments and the best living conditions in the world.
    It's still the most powerful military in the world and that's not going to change for at least the next two decades or so. Plus, you know, other countries are doing fine without military power abroad.
    Sure, because religious texts are such great predictors of real-world events.
    Quite frankly, the only really big problem the U.S. has are all the religious nutbags :rolleyes:

    You've fallen victim to an over-dramatization of history. Most empires don't fall, they merely decay. But that doesn't spell the immediate death of said country. It may even rise again. Take China for example.
    And the idea of a civil war in the U.S. is, well... Been watching too much Fox News/other random Rupert Murdoch media outlet?
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  4. Nope i haven´t.

    Fox news? Sounds like you are watching that.
    Living in a giant bubble not really seeing what´s going on.
  5. On second thought, if you really believe all the stuff you've posted in the conspiracy theories thread, a civil war in the U.S. probably isn't such a big stretch anymore either :rolleyes:
  6. [​IMG]

    I can see why people like this place... nice and safe and doesn´t take away from their painted world view despite every action governments make is going completely against it.

    Keep living in that bubble but you should know that all bubbles eventually bursts.
    I look forward to the conversation we will have then,
    For now, Ignorance is a bliss.

    I like to think of it as the Jews in Germany, "what? Germans is setting up concentration camps? lol you must be one of those conspiracy morons, go away"
  7. All those theories are a gross oversimplification of reality. You stipulate to one view of the world (governments and secret organizations are out to get you!) and interpret every event and every piece of information in favor of it, ignoring every other possibility. Then you derive a feeling of superiority from it because all the dumb "sheep" are unaware of the "true truth". Unfortunately, the world is not that simple.
    Marx & Engels said the same thing to their critics. They never got to have that conversation :cry:
    If you told that story to a Jewish survivor of the holocaust, they'd rip you apart. The German Jews were well aware of the Nazi's plans to set up concentration camps long before they started doing so, simply because other forms of discrimination and mistreatment against them started much, much earlier.
  8. No it´s not an oversimplification, the oversimplification is what you are doing.

    Presidents, FBI officials, many many many well respected men have through the years tried to tell the people what´s going on. But ignorant people like you would not believe it even if it slapped them across the face because you live in fear.
    You might say i do but it´s the exact opposite really.

    Superiority? ehh no... superiority has nothing to do with it.
    Funny how you think that though, another testament to how skewed your view is.

    Looking at the world today i say they knew exactly what they were talking about.

    Yea an old man or woman is going to rip me apart for saying that. Maybe the truth hurts for them.
    Had they listened to conspiracy theorists back then they would never have been in a camp in the first place.

    No the jews were NOT well aware of the Nazi´s plans to set up concentration camps.
    that might be the dumbest thing i´ve heard you say ever.

    discrimination and mistreatment is NOT the same as killing millions of jews.
    Again you resort to the "my mind can´t handle it therefore i brush it over as something that wasn´t as bad as it actually was, hell the Jews knew it was coming"

    Last comment to you,

    The bubble will burst eventually. Let´s see how you handle yourself after.
    My guess is you will be a total wreck. Why? Because your whole world view will shift completely.

    Things are coming up every single day almost, like for instance banks funding terrorism.
    It´s just one drop in the ocean but instead you put your hands over your ears and eyes and say "make it stop please i can´t take it"
    I refuse to believe it!

    You are gonna have to sooner or later......

    Edit: it´s also funny how you think everything will happen tomorrow. That´s not what they are doing.
    This is a long term plan that involves everything from World domination, a one world goverment, a one world military, every person micro-chipped, total 100% control of the planets resources etc.

    You can´t do that in one night, it takes many many years to accomplish a task like this.
    You only need about 3 to 4 braincells to realize that it´s a push for just this thing.
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  9. You know, initially I thought you were serious, but I am relieved to see that you really are just trolling me :)

  10. And this is what i have been saying all along. Instead of actually opening your eyes you shove your head in the sand and make jokes instead.

    Do you think that micro-chipping is a made up thing?
    You do realize it´s being done right now?

    It´s being used right now but in a very primitive form, opening doors, turning on lights etc but as technology progresses it will be able to store your whole life in that chip.
    Do you think control over the world´s resources also is a farce?
    This is what USA is doing RIGHT NOW.
    But again you close your eyes and ears because you don´t want to face it.
    Because you are scared.
    One world government? I´m guessing this is also me trolling right?
    Have you read any quotes from David Rockenfeller?
    I don´t think you have or you do as you always do, put two fingers in your ears and stop listening to what is being said.
    You are just an ignorant person that´s setting yourself up for a fall you probably can´t handle judging by how you face things.

    I don´t understand why you don´t listen to Presidents among many other people what they are saying if you don´t believe me and my thread. They have been trying to tell you ignorant people for YEARS.

    Edit: next reply will be an answer that has nothing to do with what is written above but merely saying i´m trolling again followed by a smiley or two.
  11. [​IMG]

    Never forget everything Hitler did in Germany was LEGAL. Why? Because he snuck changes past the people too passive, uninformed, lazy to resist. Obama is doing the same thing to our country, following the Bush agenda to the letter.
  12. It´s funny people laugh at stuff when i say people are wanting world domination.
    All you have to do is pick up a got damn history book and you´ll see that the strive for world domination has been around since day 1.
    Nothing has changed since then. Nothing.
  13. I initially wanted to write a serious response but when I read the world domination thing, that just did it for me. I'd also like to point out that if you want a serious discussion, you should quit the "living in a bubble" crap.

    The microchip thing is fairly plausible though, I'd imagine that there are plenty of people who at least would want to do that. The struggle for control of the world's resources is also nothing new, but the idea that one entity could seriously hope to control all of them is a little bit insane.

    I actually do not have the slightest doubts that occasionally, clandestine events happen. Watergate, assassinations of various leaders or hey, even the Catiline conspiracy :D are fairly well-known examples.
    The problem with conspiracy theorists however is that "it's a conspiracy!" is the default explanation they use for any political event. Yes, sometimes, people try to bend the truth for personal gain. But that usually only means that they are only trying to advance their careers or attempt to prevent being indicted for tax evasion, misuse of their powers or whatever. They generally aren't trying to achieve world domination. And most of the time, there is nothing special going on whatsoever.

    To elaborate on the Jew thing: Jews have been mistreated in not just Germany but all of Europe for pretty much the last thousand years or so. And that doesn't just mean light discrimination but goes right down to serious persecution and political violence. Post WWI, anti-Semite sentiments were extremely common among the German public. The Nazis were not particularly secretive about their intentions, the reason they succeeded is simply that they were not alone with their opinions (though most of the German public probably did not intent to go as far).
    Consequently, what happened after 1933 did not come as a particularly big surprise for German Jews. The problem is that they simply couldn't do much about it. Most Germans were not willing to help them and emigration was difficult and obviously became close to impossible as soon as the Nazis came to power. Additionally, they wouldn't have been treated any different in the SU and France wasn't particularly friendly towards them either. Therefore, you can't really say that they didn't "listen to the conspiracy theorists".

    If you truly believe that there are any similarities between Nazi Germany and present-day America, you are in need of a serious history lesson.
  14. Stop lying we all know you would rather stick your head in the sand.
    And i won´t stop saying you live in a bubble because that´s what you do.
    Bubble boy.

    If you really wanted a serious discussion maybe you should have started a bit better.
  15. In 1935, under Hitler's rule, prayers ceased to be obligatory in schools. In 1962, The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed school prayer.
    Hitler eliminated Christian holidays in the schools first by calling Christmas "Yuletide." Most American public schools now call Christmas vacation a "winter break."
    Hitler took Easter out of schools and instead honored that time of year as the beginning of spring. It has likewise become common for schools in America to refer to time off at Easter as "spring break."
    Hitler controlled the church using intimidation and threats. A half-century ago, U.S. Senator and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson, promoted a bill that included an amendment to use the Internal Revenue Service to remove the non-profit status of a church that speaks against the election of any specific political candidate.
    Hitler enticed thousands of pastors to promote paganism in their congregations. Neopaganism is one of the fastest growing religions in America, doubling every 18 months according to a June 2008 article in The Denver Post. Many American church-goers practice paganism such as "Christian" yoga, contemplative prayer, and walking a labyrinth. As evidence that church doors continue to open further to aberrant beliefs, a 2008 survey found that 57% of evangelicals do not believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God.
    Hitler was an environmentalist and vegetarian. Marriages performed by the Nazi state frequently included blessings of "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky." Today Americans increasingly accept radical environmentalism, pantheism, and the celebration of Earth Day.
    Hitler was fascinated by eastern mysticism. Today an increasing number of American pastors encourage their followers to become "mystic warriors".
    Hitler believed in reincarnation. He even convinced SS officers that by murdering millions of Jews and other "undesirables" they were allowing them to get on with the reincarnation process and come back more quickly in an advanced status. Americans increasingly accept the idea of reincarnation as well as good and bad karma.
    Hitler's holocaust killed between 8 and 11 million Jews and non-Jews. Americans have killed an estimated 50 million babies since abortion was legalized through the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. According to a July 7, 2008 article on worldnetdaily.com "An abortionist who claims to have destroyed more than 20,000 unborn children and who once was Hillary Clinton's OB-GYN says he is doing 'God's work' when he terminates a pregnancy…He admits that abortion kills a human soul."
    Hitler killed 270,000 handicapped people through active euthanasia.[1] America and the courts are rushing toward the same with the murder of individuals such as Terri Schiavo. Oregon voters passed their Death with Dignity Act in 1994 and re-affirmed it in 1997. Washington state voters legalized doctor-assisted suicide on November 4, 2008. In December 2008, a Montana judge ruled terminally ill residents of that state have the right to physician-assisted suicide, and "death with dignity" is gaining acceptance in other states as well.

    Here's just 10 of the 26 on this list:

    If you'd like more I have a great article saved at home that literally puts us/nazi policies side by side starting with the Bush era continuing in the Obama administration.

    Welcome to the 4th Reich, Hail der furer Obama? Not for me thanks.

    Btw the "history" book you were fed in school is garbage. Maybe you should learn some history written by someone other than the state.

  16. Yeah... So the reason I did write three completely serious paragraphs after that was... merely because I wanted to disguise my true ostrich/bubble-nature? Damn, the conspiracies are everywhere :confused:

    Abolishing all that religious crap is the best thing that could happen to the U.S. And ironically enough, I'm pretty sure Hampus agrees with me on this one :D
  17. He didn't abolish it, he replaced it with worship of the state.
  18. https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/113/hjres15

    "H.J.Res. 15: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President."

    House is trying to get the president's term limit repealed. Still don't see us heading towards a dictatorship? We already live in one, but because you get to "vote" you have the illusion of freedom.

    There is none more hopelessly enslaved than he who falsely believes himself to be free.

    This is America where now you're guilty until proven innocent.(see patriot act/NDAA)