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Why is Formula Truck not on Greenlight??

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Niall Fitzpatrick, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. I suppose this is a question to Reiza. A product of this standard surely needs to be brought to the attention of more people. Since R3E and Assetto Corsa are on steam, and iRacing are trying to get greenlit, I don't see why a sim from Reiza should be any different. I would imagine that it would be received well especially at the very reasonable price that it is. If it was to happen surely more people playing this sim would be good thing. Maybe also Game Stock Car 2013 whenever it comes out?
  2. It takes a high amount of votes to be inducted into Greenlight and there were only very few titles before the last half year, Assetto weren't just making a game, they're all franchises right now so they have a long road ahead whereas Reiza Titles are Season Games which are based on someone elses Core Simulation. I don't see them drawing enough attention with a single season how great it would be but I can see them getting the upcoming Senna game to be that type of franchise as it could come with a long feed of even payed DLC from time to time as would be like the other games a core game that have essentially expanding content which is what steam is all about.
    Reiza is probably too small to attract a world wide market on a major platform as steam is. That is to me the same reason why there's no rFactor Greenlight on Steam or atleast intention because it is too vary and minor compared to Codemasters or THQ etc.
    Reiza is handling their developments independantly just as ISI and has priviledges to distribute when and how they want. Steam Greenlight is to me a great way but not for single games such as GSC or FT and I'm almost sure you have to be approved to be part of the regular studios in order to sell a special amount of games from time to time and sales would be controlled by steam then as they handle their discounts themselves whereas Reiza can give stuff for free or not when they think it's in their Development favour.
    My guess is Senna Game going Greenlight reaching approval through it and get the extra attention for GSC and FTruck later on as regular Developer, as Steam Offers for older games are unmatched in their sale statistics.
    There has to be a certain amount of money that goes to Steam besides what Reiza does as it is their platform so they can approve it. But there has to be a estimated value that you have to pay as developer in order to have your games on steam.
    It does draw attention when it hits but I'm sure you have to make them aware of what you can raise and what they get in offering for servers and maintenance costs.
  3. Yeah I suppose its just wishful thinking on my part. It's just a shame because I'm sure more people would buy and enjoy the sim if they were aware of it. It seems that to be big you have to be on steam, and to get on steam you have to be big.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Says who?
  5. me, because from the Valve perspective their are tonnes of nominees yet only few titles finally made it into greenlight and I don't blame it on their laziness it's just the business model that comes in otherwise you'd get terrabytes of storage for free on the internet yet you can even get a limited of a few GB because it isn't economically to host anything if it isn't bringing it costs back atleast so they see which has the highest demand and is longest going from the community perspective.
    The time I checked Greenlight Inductees and Nominees and Concepts in return you have 1000 Games on the communities Radar, only 90 are approved and 50 are released so you can see the rate is low and it does take a unestimated time to get the votes they want.
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    There are plenty of games that never even went through Greenlight and are active on Steam.

    Getting on Steam takes a lot of patience and time as Valve is normally not really responding on the fly to requests. But the moment they do you can easily bypass Greenlight and have your game active on the platform. After all they get a good cut on selling other peoples games.
  7. Yeah they might have given it more attention but as this wasn't the first go on it as GSC was questioned the same, and Greenlight took a while to get their things even done, I remember the time where the most followed games took 18 months of heavy support to be included. I was surprised to see AC making it in like 8-10 weeks.but their project has a long term development behind it so it is no wonder to see it around after it has been an alpha dog for a long time. As I said I just don't see seasonal GSC and FT as part of Greenlight but the Senna Game, it doesn't need Greenlight I know but there's little reason for it beeing needed for GSC and FT at all you could bring them to steam still without but that requires giving steam the options about sales and discounts rather than your own, atleast that is how I see them getting their business model.I'm not sure if Reiza wants this just now or if they rather seek this in a year or two when they're essentially on new projects.