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Why is formula reiza and formula 3 AIs too fast!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by skyline86, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. skyline86


    Hi! all. I'm a newbie come to game stock car 2012. I'm only play this game offline. With stock car v8 and mini challenge i can beat AI at 90% AI strength and 100 AI aggression. But when i change to formula 3 or formula reiza i can't beat AI at lowest AI difficult (75% AI strength and 25 AI aggression). Why this happen? Please help me fix this. Thanks!
  2. Paul Nadon

    Paul Nadon

    After the 2012 update I did notice that the Formula 3 cars did get faster. V8s did not change, I'm at 97% AI strength for V8s and I always leave the aggression at default. Formula 3 cars I was at 106% AI strength(to slow), and now after 2012 update I run at 92% AI strength(F1 not sure yet). To find out where I sit I do a 10 min single race. I do the practice and qualifying and if I come in somewhere around 8th or 12th place, I'm good to go at that % for a good race with the AI. So for me 97% for V8s, 105% for Minis, 92% for F3. Still need to do a test for the F1 and Camaros. It's all good. Don't see the problem.