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Why I love this forum

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by jibawakee, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. I love this forum and all it has to offer. Stunning mods(better then CM can do) cool ai mods etc.. But most of all I love how people can test and try mods and not get bashed or hated on

    Love you peoples(no homo):D
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  2. Welcome to RaceDepartment mate :)
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  3. I very much agree with you...
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  4. :thumbsup: I can only speak for myself, I LOVE racing and I have modded a few games in my past, I am always inspired by others vision and execution, all that is needed is some friendly feedback and everyone benefits. :)
  5. how bout the fact that there are a few among us who were able to isolate a problem with the game and now have CM looking into and working on a fix- thats impressive to me!
  6. It's great to see all the love and appreciation our community has for each other - a reason why I love this forum too :)
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  7. The problem is that not everyone takes the same approach as you.

    When the people who spend time finding fixes (and the cause(s) of the problems) are then subjected to stupid, sarcastic comments (as I was) from people who contribute nothing themselves (by PM and on threads) then it is not surprising that the view is taken to simply keep the other things they can fix (such as the flickering textures) to themselves...it is a pity a few more people do not act as you do as there would be more fixes provided....they don't so there will not be (at least from me).
  8. :inlove: this whole community
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