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Why i have no LED on the Wheel ?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by pitti59, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys !

    After patch 12 and ICEMANS real cockpit cams my LED in the cockpit are away.
    it's black LED (only the gear line is active)

    it shows no gear etc.

    how i can fix it ?
  2. does it come back if you take out the cockpit cam mod ?
  3. i done it .. nothing !
    still black without LED.
  4. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I'm not sure if this is something that CM fixed.
    I'm on xbox and the LED only works for me when i'm not in a multiplayer event. So, online and in co-op races the LED never works for me. I have to listen for the chyme instead.
    We have not rec'd all the patches on xbox yet, there is still one more, but i don't think the LED gets fixed with the next patch.
  5. Does it happens for all cars?
    You can check the interiors folder. Each car has its own "interiors" file. int_carname.xml

    Check if you can see these lines in one of them (this one is from Mercedes):

    <backlight_parameters emissive_scale="0.3"/>
    <postprocess use_interior="false"/>
    <displays type="digital">
    <display value="gear" node="int_indicator_gear" font="int_gear" num_chars="1"/>
    <display value="left_readout" node="int_digi_speed" font="int_digi_speed" num_chars="4" factor="3.6"/>
    <display value="right_readout" node="int_digi_lap" font="int_digi_speed" num_chars="4" factor="3.6"/>

    If you change something wrong in there, then the display goes black and doesn't show any info.

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  7. but i don't edit at any time !
    how i can open this ?
  8. AND YES ALL CARS ! :(
  9. I think the only thing to do then, is to verify integrity of files in steam. This will repair any broken files and make the game a new install again, which should fix it. Then you can start putting your mods back in.
  10. Pitti59

    If you haven't changed anything, then this files should be the same....unless, one mod have changed them.
    Best way is to follow Keith suggestion, use steam to repair your game. Test it when steam finishes just to see if its working, then install your mods. I haven't seen any mod that change this files, the only one i know that "may" change this files is the steering wheel mods, but most of them are just textures, so they don't change how the leds work.