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Why doesn't the game save my progress?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by kenjiro75, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I have F1 2010 with online profile and Autosave option turned on.
    I started my career, finished the race in Bahrain, used Save Profile option in My F1 menu, exited the game.
    Next day I went to the motorhome and what do I see? Bahrain practice is waiting for me:(
    What's going on?

    Thanks for any clues!
  2. Have you got any Mods installed into the game. If so there is a save fix that you can down load to sort the problem.
  3. Yes I did, a camera mod, a tire mod, a flashback quantity mod and a sticky curbs mod. So now I have to use that fix and restart my career? I don't need to remove mods, right?
  4. No don't remove any mods, download and install the save fix mod and that should sort it out. You will have to restart the career as it would'nt have saved your progress.
  5. Save Fix Link

    Just install this and continue from where you left off and all should be okay :D
  6. Thanks, fellow drivers:)
  7. Does this happen with all mods? If i add the truelight mod, i also need the save game mod?
  8. Also - does anyone know if there are specific mods that will screw-up your online playing ability? I have several friends who like to race with me and lately we're having problems going from the lobby into the race. I've installed some mods - most of them have not.
  9. get rid of the sticky curbs.. ur taking the fun out of the game..