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why does my game only last 3 and a half minutes

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by girthley, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. as title says
  2. Because is dangerous to play more than this
  3. Haha lol
  4. You have to look in the racer.ini file and find the line that tells you how long the game runs and increase the value.

    I can't remember the exact line, perhaps one of the other experts does.
  5. "max_time_race" set it to 0 to get an inifinite race ;)
  6. when i click the ini file i just a black screen that flashes so quickly i cant see what is said on it. so what do i need to do?
  7. Open it with a text editor. Is is a plain text file.
  8. untitled.jpg
    this is all i can see
  9. Not the ini.exe, but the racer.ini..
  10. its doing just the same as that one
  11. What operating system, computer, graphics card are you using?

    If you have windows, right click your mouse on the racer.ini file and select "open with" and then select notepad. That should open the file so you can edit it.