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Why do people refere to this game as "arcade" rather than "sim"?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joakim Quensel, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I have seen many people refer to F1 2010 as an arcade game rather than a "sim" (which I guess is a short for race simulation or something like tat).

    Obvious things like car damage and the opponents driving I can see is not very relaistic, but do you also think that the game is "arcadish" when it comes the actual driving of the car, how it behavious in the corners and repsonds to braking, giving gas etc. And if you do, could you pleas explain why.

    I myself has rather little experience of real racing (althoug I have tried a little racing including a few laps in a formula Renault), but I am sure that there are some people here who has more experience from real formula racing. In your oppinion, what is that makes this game less "sim-like" (regarding the actual driving of the car, not all the other stuff) than other racing games?

    From my limited experience from real racing, one thing that does not feel right is that you often can give full throttle realy early out of medium and high speed corners. The rear end feels very stable. That does not seem realistic to me, especially for an F1 car with 700+ hp (but I might be wrong). And I also find the braking too "easy", you almost never lock up the brakes.

    Of course I understand that you can only get so much realism in a computer game. For one thing, you lack the feedback from g-forces and movement of the car etc. that you would get in a real car. But given these ovious limitations, how does this game compare to other computer games? This is more or less the only racing game I have played so I don┬┤t have anything to compare with. Are there other games that gives a more realistic "driving feel" (sorry for my english)?
  2. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    It's mainly refered as a 'arcade' racer, as the game is'nt that punishing, if you make a mistake. Plus with the game not having features like a 'podium celebration' or a 'warm up lap' makes it feel like your just being dropped in the game, not living the game.
  3. James Robertson

    James Robertson
    Premium Member

    I stopped dwelling on what other people think of the game some time ago. Its a waste of energy.

    All i know, is that I really enjoy it and get a buzz out of it that no other racing game to date has managed to deliver.

    Thats good enough for me.
  4. let them think what they want to, i don't bother putting my point accross anymore, there are plenty of idiots in this world to deal with, i don't need to waste my breath on what people think.

    Let them get on with it i do, i play to have fun, that's all im here for :)
  5. There is a lot that is wrong with this game, but I still have tons of fun driving in career races with it. So as far as I am concerned I am getting value for my entertainment dollars. I use the PC version and there are a few good mods which help improve some of the game's short comings (mainly in the AI opponents). The only time this game has ever felt arcadish to me is when I drive with tire sim turned off (did it once and vowed never to do it again) and well Time Trials also have that arcadish feel to it since you have way too much grip in TTs. Driving these cars are a heck of a lot easier than driving the iRacing cars (one of the more accurate racing sims) but you know what? I too having driven a real world Formula Renault car and I also track my Porsche 911 and driving these real world cars at my local race track is a heck of a lot easier than driving the iRacing cars. LOL

    BTW ... where did you drive the Formula Renault? It wouldn't happen to have been the http://www.allenbergracingschools.com/programs/formula/ would it? That is who I did my Formula Renault days with.
  6. It's a game and lacks many of the features of a true SIM... Having said that, I still enjoy it for what it is...

    IMHO, one way to make it more realistic is to find a way to induce +/- 5 g's in the turns, wear a full driving suit including helmet & gloves, then setup you driving station in a sauna... Yep, that's about right... :)
  7. What do you mean with a "true sim"? Other comercial Computer games (and if so, which ones) or some other sort of simulators (like for example some of the F1 teams have)?

    Another thing that is not very realistic about this game is that I have done some 100+ crashes and I am not in the hospital and I still have money on my bank account.
  8. One of the basic car configuration setups has been omitted from this "game". One of the basic things you do when setting up your car is monitor your tire temperature spreads and adjust your tire pressure settings accordingly. Tire temperatures and pressures are not included in this game. There are many more, but this is one of the basics that was left out.

    But ... it is still fun and it does simulate racing an F1 car around the tracks (though I will always call it a game before I called it a simulator). One of the biggest values I get from this game is that it has helped me learn the tracks. It is easy to zone out when watching a real race on TV and not pay close attention to the track. But now thanks to this game (and other similar driving games) I have a better understanding what it may be like driving these tracks in an F1 car (minus the G-Forces of course).
  9. Yes, this is even possible without any TC easy. Also the thing when you lose rear base and brakes fast hard it gives you way back to stable racing trajectory again, and its not like you accelerating and turn wheel reverse direction or something like that.

    There definitely should be TT mode and with all simulation on separately to off.

    With G25-27 like wheels we can use strong Force Feedback tuned to your means and in tight and speedy corners it gives that sort of G feeling, also gloves on is a must and accessible.

    Its like what Kubica was thinking like on driving Rally in the way of his contract over F1 season.

    Yes i think that this game was 65% ready like, but still very good. At least they implemented DX11 support after the patch and made this playable without sound glitches.