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Why do people online treat this like Nascar? Request for 360 owners...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jack Acid, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Just started the multiplayer and I am loving it. But I do wish I'd run into more people who respect the sport and avoid ramming me (and others) off the road (JUST enough to avoid DSQ.)

    I'd had such people cost me more than one victory.
  2. Hey man most of these idiots who like to take people out just dont care, its win at any cost for them. You just need to move on or finish the race at least if your car is able too!!! Im sure you will come across some clean racers soon enough. Just send them a friends request when you do your fl will soon fill up. Im on ps3 so sorry we cant race.
  3. Hey dude i have had the same problem and ive had the game since it came out its very frustrating.... I love racing clean
  4. You can setup a single race in the racing club.
  5. same problem :)

  6. Thanks mates. Will look for you...
  7. Come race with me In the racing club
  8. This is the site for clean racing. There are also alot of championships/races to choose from.
  9. I never raced F1 2010 online, but I Have raced just about everything else (GTR2, NKpro, iRacing, race 07, rFactor). Idiots are idiots. There is nothing that can be done except organize races on sites like this one.

    In racer 07 every public race there is at least one idiot (and usually not one that has any aspiration of finishing ahead) that will resent that either you passed him, or that you qualified in front and his racing strategy is to simply wait for the next hairpin and punt you off the road.

    I usually try to adopt a strategy that prevents them from doing that. I often can see in the mirror the overaggressive shifting and braking, the weaving for no reason and so forth. Often before getting to the turn just tap your brakes as if you are braking way early and they'll brake too. It will give you a chance to make the turn without having them on your butt.

    That's called brake checking and it's frowned upon, but sometimes if you are sure the guy is going to take you out there is no other option.

    I Have also found that taking non orthodox lines and try to power through as fast as possible works. In order to tap you and wreck you, you have to be on the line, if you are off their position wont be as easy to reach.

    it's too bad these guys don't employ the obvious skills they have into racing smarter rather than wrecking. Someone should tell them it's a lot more fun to pass someone that to wreck them.
  10. Yea it's so annoying the last couple of days I've been getting these idiots although I'd say mainly on the quick game modes lime the sprint and such, if you play the custom game you don't get it as much alought that's what Ive found.
  11. Did alot of sprint races over the weekend, many many hrs. There is at least 1 idiot in every race, usually the only way to avoid them is to be 1st and sprint off into the distance. Some are just not even trying, I saw one guy during the starting grid just swing right into the guy to his side and we wasn't even near the first corner yet.

    There was one guy that swang his car into me because I had simply got much better drive out of a corner and was going to sail past him on a long straight. Not only was I going on the outside of him and we wasn't near the corner yet either he suddenly slammed his car into mine when I was 80% past him already. So not only was he the one in the wrong and he was almost been past he does this coming off the racing line to cause a crash and I'm the one who got a 10 second penalty!! I so mad at the game creators at that point. Whenever someone crashes into me, I usually forget the race and look to smash into them as revenge and then finish in front of them neways. Not always if I zoom past them I just let it go >.<
  12. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    We can all make mistakes but taking people out on purpose really really really get's my goat!! Best thing is to join a league, consistently bad drivers will get kicked out very quickly.
  13. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Guys. How many times!?

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