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Why do my starts suck compared to the AI?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Kevin Amankwah, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. The AI always blow by me at the start, how do you handle the start of a race?
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  2. I, personally use half of my kers at the start and put my fuel mixture to rich until the 2nd corner
  3. Good question .. I also wonder about this because it is impossible to get the right amount of revs from the start as it over revs and then has no power when you drop it into 2nd.

    I think it may be a bug that was never addressed and got lost amongst everything else :(
  4. I try to keep the revs low so there isn't a lot of wheel spin, and once I reach second gear I use some of my KERS. It seems to work for me usually. Try not to max out the limiter.
  5. I use a controller so the only feedback I get is the vibrations. I usually keep it at half throttle and as soon as the first wheel spin ends I give it the beans! :)

    I use as much KERS as needed when I get to around 100kph.
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  6. Everyone has start problems against the AI. Maybe it was a developers choice to try and make their starts faster due to very slow starts in F1 2012.


    I'm talking about people who doesn't use traction control. With TC ON, starts are way easy.
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  7. My starts are easy... sometimes I can get up about 2 pos. before first corner.
  8. Without assists @HamstringDriver ?
    I'm of course talking about traction control OFF. The game is way too easy with it on.
  9. Iv finally found a way to get as good if not better start off the line. What I do is when the first light comes on rev the engine as high as it will go and then slowly release your finger until you hear the engine note drop. As soon as you hear it drop, increase your revs by the smallest amount possible to make the engine note rise back into the highest note. You want to keep it in the highest note possible but you want to be right at the bottom of the highest note if you know what I mean. Once the lights go out you want to hold your revs where they are until the first lot of wheelspin stops and then u can go flat out. Hope this helps, it sure did for me. ;)
  10. Sounds like great tips @CalumJohnson1996 - Sounds like it is on the point of wheelspinning, without losing acceleration. Will try it later.
  11. Only gearbox
  12. When the lights are going off, you have to start manage the throttle. Ideally, you can keep the engine tachometer around the red or blue area. Be extremely gentle with the throttle within 0.2 sec when the race starts.
    As soon as the controller stops vibrate you can hit on it as hard as you can full throttle.
    fuel mix's not that important I think.
  13. agreed, that what im saying.
  14. I don't think there's a science to it. If you can manage the tire spin through all the corners, just do it at the beginning. I don't recall how my start was with a cautious fuel strategy, but I just had a really good start with the aggressive fuel strategy. I just ran the aggressive for the first time and I don't ever remember having such a good start. I didn't even use more than 100 points of KERS and I ran the standard fuel mix and I was pretty much alongside them.