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Why do I struggle so badly to keep RWD cars on the road compared to...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stefan Mizzi, May 5, 2015.

  1. This is not a thread to compare sim racing games, but I merely would like to know why I struggle so much to keep a RWD car in rF2 on the road compared to other sims.....

    As an example, take AC, RE3, GSCE and pCars.....I can drive any RWD car in these 4 and go close to the limit and yet, somehow, I still keep the car on track.

    I jump on rF2 RDW and I cant even make 1 lap without spinning. No, the track is not green but fully rubbered.

    Maybe rF2 is into another league of its own, hard core stuff and I can't handle it....or is there some other freken reason that I am missing?

    Yesterday, I had one of the most amazing races in RE3 with the Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT3...oh boy that was fun and I managed to keep with the fast ones.....

    I would not be able to do 1 lap in rF2 with a similar car :(
  2. Because you're used to others sims I think, and rF2 is like that !

    Of course it's very tricky but it's the challenge.If you wanna know, I play rF2 without aids except clutch with a 360 gamepad and I manage to have fun, even during one hour, even with the FR 3.5 which is very hard to handle, even with X2 tire wear !

    The main thing to think about on rF2 as you say is to avoid oversteer,don't worry you're not missing any reason !! :thumbsup:

    But it will be worth the practice believe me !
  3. I'm not used to other sims at all, only lately I started racing in other sims and my main sim was always rF1/2.

    Omg, how can you race with a gamepad! :) I agree with the oversteer point and I try but then I'm like 5 to 7 seconds slower per lap.

    Last time I said...leeme try and take FR3.5 for a spin at Spa......and I took 2 slow laps to warm tires and then on 3rd lap I started hitting a bit....arrived at la rouge, slowed down a bit thinking of making it....and i think I ended up on some cloud or tree...... :O_o:
  4. At lot depends on how you apply throttle and also the differential.

    First you need to smooth at the throttle and not just slam on it. And when you hit the throttle you should also be already opening your steering. Its not to hard.
    We can do this evening a small practice session if you want ;)
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  5. Wow, thanks for the offer! I love rF2 so much and frustrated that I cannot drive RWD.

    I'd love to take your offer but have to take the wife out today :redface: SO I'll remind you again one day soon :thumbsup:
  6. No problem mate. See it as return of invest ;)
    Just send a pm when you have a time slot that fits for you and we will find a solution. :thumbsup:
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  7. Stefan, there really could be two major issues and Simons offer is the best solution, however in rF2 you must having the steering and FFB set correctly otherwise you miss the finesse that the FFB provides which is critical to feeling the car. Correct rotation, minimal clipping, no assists. If that is correct and you have decent FPS/FOV, then it is an issue of training.

    For yourself or anyone who may be struggling, uploading a lap or two on youtube can be beneficial for others to provide specific advice if possible.
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  8. Thanks Simon!

    Mat, since I re-installed rF2 the great FFB has gone..really do not know why. I loaded the G25 profile and set the pedals manually (since I have the club sport v2) and its just ok, very weak/soft. I'll check a few posts to get the FFB correct.

    FPS is good and the pc is ok...FOV...60 usually but I only 1 19inch monitor :redface: so maybe this could make a difference.

    In general, I find rF2 cars very slippery to drive compared to others.
  9. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I have CS V2 and its very strong. On many cars I have it at 65%. Any reason you choose G25 profile?
    I am running essentially the CSR profile with some changes.
  10. Hi David...sorry....I meant I have and old G25 as wheel but as pedals I am using the clubsport pedals v2 :)

    Maybe it's time to upgrade the wheel but the G25 is still working well with other games. Amazing how it has been faithful so many many years :laugh:
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  11. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    There are a lot of guys driving very well with the G25, I know of one guy who is a front runninhg FSR World Championship driver. So maybe keep testing different settings.
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  12. Sky


    i have a g25 and with some cars i increase the car specific ffb a bit. but i don't really have any problems like you're obviously having (rf2 has a really nice feeling of grip to me).

    whats your settings in the logitech profiler, maybe theres something there you could change?

    with the fov, i have a slightly bigger screen than you but use about half the fov!
  13. I went from a G27 to a Fanatec GT2 wheel, purely because they had a sale and I got CSR Elites included for free. The G27 was fantastic and I was very fast so adjusting to the new belt driven wheel took time. I honestly thought I'd made a mistake.

    It's clear to me now that the Logitechs are simply a toy, a pretty damned good one, but a toy nonetheless. If you don't know any different and are happy, thats all that matters and besides, replacing the 19" screen would have to be priority one.
  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    With respect, thats a pretty big call when drivers like Bono Huis who many rank as the best sim racer on the planet uses one, the Winner of Iracings Nascar series last year uses one (US$20,000 prize).
    I dont have a logitech but the results speak for themselves. So many top drivers use them I think "Toy" is a bit harsh. They work. I am getting my butt kicked by guys with 4 year old G25s
    Maybe the debate of what is a Toy and what is a proper sim racing peripheral could get as deep and insoluble as what is a sim and what is arcade? Who knows.
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  15. Sky, my settings in the profiler should be good really, 105%, 900 degrees, not sure of the the rest as I'm not home. In fact I always increase the FFB specific to over 1.6 as otherwise I wont feel anything.

    Mat, I know, I read that many times....apparently a good wheel makes the G25 like a toy and I never tried any other wheels so I have no idea :) Maybe time to invest more.

    Having said that, in RE3 and AC, the FFB etc is really good for me. I can push a RWD to the limits. So the G25 at least is still OK. Maybe the G25 works different with rF2....

    Do you get the same FFB feeling/grip in RE3 and AC or the more?
  16. Sky


    those settings look about the same as mine, don't think i've ever gone as high as 1.6 specific ffb though. i don't know what to suggest as to me AC feels ever so slightly more slippery than rf2 (but not in a bad way) :(

    and mat, the fanatec gt2 is simply a more expensive toy, a pretty damned good one, but a toy nonetheless. :p
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  17. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    I think he means in terms of feel and quality etc. They do feel a bit like a toy in direct comparison, but they get the job done very well. I had a G25 before and I was as fast with it compared to a CSW. It is all about how much you want to spend, but to win and fight at the front a single 22 to 24" screen a PC running the game at 80 to 100 fps and a G25/G27 are more than enough. Everything beyond that is purely for the enjoyment or immersion (ok triple screens help in close racing, but I can do it without as well)
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  18. The difference between belt and gears(and gears to Direct Drive) is so large as to leave zero doubt in my mind that my call is correct. Having said that, you'll notice I made reference to my speed with this wheel and will not pretend to be even close to those you mention in speed or any of the other racing disciplines.

    By toy feeling and yes Sky they are all toys, I include the overall feel of the wheel cover, the flex when turning against major forces, the plastic feel of the whole unit, especially the buttons but more than anything the simulation of forces being 'translated' through the gearing.

    Yes you can be fast with one, maybe faster... but know that one day when you do upgrade you'll have a smile on your face so wide!
  19. Stefan, it seems from what you have wrote about the multiplier that you may well be clipping... quite severely.

    In rFactor2, the heavier you make the wheel, the less you feel the important forces. You are not aiming to replicate a real car steering feel(heavy) but rather tune your feedback to provide the most information for you.

    Unless the car has not been set correctly by it's developer 1.6 is double what i'd expect you to be running.
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  20. As a G25 user, I second that.

    Another factor that will help is that the default ISI setups are usually not ideal. I find them to be too nervous, especially under braking. Usually have to increase damping, & add more front brake bias.
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