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Why do GTR2 and rFactor cease to open my tracks?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bioLarzen, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Sorry for the slightly oversimplified thread title, but titles here have a length limit, that's why I had to keep it (too) simple :)

    So... I'm testing both versions of BTB. So far I like what it offers (saves a huge amount of time, especially compared to using the Blender + TrackEd combo I've been using to create my tracks...), but there seems to be something wrong and I don't know if it's me doing something wrong, a bug, some problem with my hardware or some kind of limitation I'm not aware of.

    Here's the thing: I make a track. In the early stage of completition, when there's only the track, some minimal terrain and maybe some roadside objects are in the track, I export it to rFactor (for Pro) or GTR2 (for Evo). Export is sucessful. I run rFactor/GTR2, load the track - works like charm. I go on with BTB, add more objects and elements, the track is getting more complicated. I'm still far from being halfway, say I added some walls, some more terrain, a couple of stands and crowd, a minimal pitlane. Time for a quick check how they look in the game, so another export (deleted the previous export from the game's Location folders beforehand). Seems to work again - though I notice exporting now takes a suspiciously long time (about 15-20 minutes). I run the game, I find the track in the track listing - but it no longer opens, but the game aborts instead. Both rFactor and GTR2 does this, tried with 2 different tracks.

    I use XP, my PC is fairly new and, though not a top-notch config, still runs Crysys warhead rather smoothly (just to give you and idea about how much it can handle graphics performance-wise :D). Still, the games aborting without any kind of notice seems to yell performance problems...

    One thing I noticed is how huge folders BTB creates for the tracks. In GTR2, for example, the built-in tracks - that are much more elaborate and must contain many, many more objects, textures and staff - are all about 50-60 Mb in size - my tracks, even in their less-than-quarter-ready states, wer at least 75 Mb, some as huge as 150Mb... Can that be a problem?

    I also found that by deleting stuff from the track I can get it back to a reduced state where it gets playable again. This, again, seems to indicate size problems.

    The last thing I should mention is that Racer was still able to open the track rFactor wasn't...

    So, anyone with an idea what I should/can do to be able to open my tracks in GTR2 or rFactor even after they grow a bit?

    Thx for any advice.


    PS: Sorry if this problem has already been dealt with here. I leafed through the recent threads but found no sign of this happening to anyone else...
  2. I doubt that it's a size problem as BTB exports in an uncompressed format. Use the rFactor MAS tools to pack everything into a single MAS if you want to test that. Another reason that I doubt it's a size problem is that Nordschliefe_2007 (rFactor) is 255 MB and it's packed into several MAS files, so could easily be double that size when unpacked from the MAS files.

    More likely, you have a texture or materials error. Use the rFactor command line option to output a debugging file. That way you can see where the load aborts.

    Alternatively, go back one version of the BTB source (you are saving separate versions of the project as you work on it, aren't you?) and try adding in the objects one-at-a-time to see which edit makes a difference.
  3. Emery,
    thanks for the reply!

    Believe it or not, I was such a fool that I didn't save my project in intermittent stages (although I usually do with important pieces of work) - you see, I was just testing the software :) But, as I said, I could bring back the projects into earlier stages - by deleting lots of stuff - where I could load it in rFactor or GTR 2 again, so luckily it's not a problem, i guess :)

    I'm gonna try now that rFactor command line idea. TBH, I don't yet know how it's done, but I'll go and try to find out. If I cannot, can I come back and as for advice?

    Thx once again.


    PS: Does there happen to be a thread about faulty textures and stuff? I only used the textures and materials of the Xpacks I found and downloaded from here, at Race Department (plus the ones included in the trial versions of BTB of course). If not, is there a way I can find such faulty textures or aterials other the the rFactor command line method you mentioned?
  4. OK, I'm back.

    And ask for more help right away :(

    Emery (or anyone else), could you explain to me how to produce the debugging file using rFactor's command line options? I'd really appreciate it.

  5. In your desktop shortcut, right click on it and select properties, then where it says Target, add in trace=4.

    Target ["C:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor.exe" trace=4]

    Then you can find the trace file in UserData\Log\trace.txt
  6. Thank you.

  7. Just realized... My trial period is over in 2 days - and, to be honest, I'm not sold on paying 80 aussie bucks for the software. It's good, useful and fun to work with, but this misery with opening the tracks just killed much of the fun. If it was a freeware or a much cheaper software, I'd go on using it or buying the full version, but now I guess I'll pass on it. Dunno, maybe I'll change my mind, but not not.

    So, I guess there is just no point to go on working on my test project - it would take at least weeks to complete, not two days...

    Thanks both of you for the advice!

  8. ... ;) comparable to e.g. Autodesk 3ds max - 4000 Euros or something ;)
    Of course it's your decision and I appreciate it. My story was that I was so crazy about making tracks (and I still am), BTB did many crashes in the past because of lack of my knowledge. Then thanks to getting ideas and learning from people here I'm even more happy now... And I can still discover new methods and tricks I guess, after almost one year of having fun with the program.
    I don't convince you to buy, I just hope you will stay on the forum, share ideas, comments on tracks.
    Oh yes, it takes time to make dream track - like life's dreams - they usually don't come just after a fingersnap ;) Have fun :)
  9. Heaps of people use BTB without any issues. Your cutting yourself short if you pass on it due to something that's probably user error.
    Give it some thought, install it on another computer if you have one and play with it for another 14 days.
    I'm not trying to sell it to you, but I'd hate to see good talent go to waste :)

    Just make sure that if you do decide to buy it, to only get 1-4 month long licenses.
  10. Hi,
    I didn't mean this software was a very expensive one - although comparing it to an all-around professional CAD software is a bit of a stretch I'd say :D It's just that FOR ME it doesn't seem to be worth that much at the moment. As I said, I like it and I found it very useful and usable, much, muc-muh better for track creating than Blender - the software I've been using for this purpose.

    The thing is I'm ot creating tracks to be like most of you guys do here: great and awesome looking tracks. See, I'm a regular at a forum where we share our own fantasy track designs. For a time it's fun just to imagine how good a track would be, but sooner or later you realize it really should be tested - and since building them would be even more expensive than Autodesk :D, the only real possibility is to test it using racing sim games. That's how I ended up here. Consequently, I doin't need my tracks to be very well built and "decorated". But, if I have the tool, of course I'm gonna start pimping it up :D :D :D

    So, I have nothing negative to say about BTB but a lot of positive things. I don't even think it's very expensive. It's just that RIGHT NOW it's too much for me for what I'd use it for.

  11. Hi,
    I'm absolutely positive it's user error - my error that is. I have the very bad habit of trying to explore and get to know new tools and equipment - BTB in this case - by myself and rely on user manuals and tutorials as little as I can. Consequently there are always lots of obvious and basic things I fail to understad or realize.

    In this case, I guess, it was that - sice I didn't find any chain-link fence objects or sObjects either in the default Xpacks or the ones downloaded from here, I got the idea of producig makeshift "chain-link fence"-like sObjects by combining a normal concrete wall ad putting a vertically stretched "Portable Rail" sObject in it, so it sticks out on the wall's top ad looks kinda like a wall with fences protruding out of them :) I guess the problem was that this was I had sObjects occupying the sae space and BTB (or rFactor and GTR2) might not like it. If I removed the Portable Rails from the track and left everythinbg else intact, the track loaded in the game like charm.

    As for my talent - I'm flattered :D

    also, thx for the advice on buying a shorter term license. Why is it the best way, BTW?

  12. Oh, and one more thing: I found out this afternoon that it's only the Pro trial license that expires on Friday, the Evo is still going to be active for about a week at least. And, since that's the one I've been using recently (I've got GTR2), I guess I'll be around for at least another week :)

  13. Good news :) For me (and as far I know - for most people) - the best is when I renew the license in 1-2 months. Usually two. This time I took just one, because I'm still thinking of buying a new computer. Probably won't do that though ;)
    Let me warn you just of one thing - BTB is VERY exact about the clock - when your license expires - exactly at the time in minutes and seconds you'll get that window. No more chance to save your project - it will just close :D
  14. Aha. I see.

    Thx for the advice.