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Why do all the cars push/understeer?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by dans2000, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. why do the RWD cars seem to push can I change the setup or am I just driving too hard?
  2. This is not a problem for me. Try checking you pedals and if the trottle is not perfectly setup, you can get this effect. If this doesn't work, well brake earlier and see if that helps.

    Good Luck
  3. if your using default setups they all seem to push, the first thing i do in all cars is reduce the front ARBs and decrease front suspension to reduce the push effect, then run with that for a while and go from there. All the default setups have quite a high rear wing also which you might want to turn down.
  4. even with a default setup, no RWD should push...if so your not turning the wheel.
  5. i noticed the cars in evo needs a quite soft front antirollbar try around 75-80

  6. I'm pretty sure the wheel is workign ok, I've been driving the BMW in touring car races. I get into the corner then on the power it seems to want to push wide. If you lift off it seems to tighten up - I'm used to a RWD car where it tightens up with a bit of power (or comes around at the back), certainly you don't want to lift off much mid corner

    I tried changing the settings but although it seems it creates other problems.

    can you share the car settings? anyone got a car settings file for a more tailhappy setup?
  7. Power-on understeer can be caused by having your power diff setting too high - try reducing that a bit.
  8. also really depends on how the car is setup, which cars and how your driving into the corner. The setup could have a high anti roll bar and the springs might be off a little. Also if your using a Touring car and a car with more down force, you'll notice a major difference. Your probably driving into the corners just fine but still matters, if your not arching the corners...do so and you'll notice a difference.
  9. its either your late braking or you need to work on your setup. braking before a corner is more ideal than breaking in a corner.
  10. I don't get that feeling from the WTCC BMW, but if it's your case, i'd suggest you reduce pressure on the front tyres, reduce rear wing, and do the same with the front suspension. This should be enough to keep the car in check during the accelerating part of the corner. If it's not enough(wich i doubt), you could also try increasing pressure on the rear tyres considerably, wich should get the rear end to slide more and hence make the car oversteer instead of understeering. There are quite a lot of other little changes you could do, but i think these should be enough.

    PS: Try one change at a time, do a few laps with it, then try yet another and so on. This way you should know what did what and not confuse yourself.
  11. sounds like your diff settings are a bit out. its makes alot of difference! Try reducing the diff a couple of settings and then try it! if it makes a difference, try a couple more. But dont go too far or the car will bog down and be slower out of the corner!