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Why are the races canceled ?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Bennie Holloway, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. It's a holiday here in the States so I wen't out of town and comeback and see all these races are canceled,just wondering what is going on?
  2. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    Lack of sign ups, Bennie

    In one event there was only 1 valid sign up for 3 of the 4 classes.
  3. Well, there were a lot of events crammed into the week initially. It was said elsewhere that the concentration risked burning out people's interest. Looks like it happened.

    I hope we can get some going soon though, it really is a cracking mod. Perhaps some real time events rather than time accelerated, Endurance races don't have to "go through the night".
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Then lets use this thread to find answers on the questions:
    - what day you would like to race? (mondays are taken)
    - track suggestions (legal)?
    - night/day etc
  5. My choices would be Thursdays, prospective RDLMS tracks and 1.5 - 2 hour daylight races to practice driver swaps and such.

    I wouldn't mind some time acceleration races but I'd also like to see just plain daylight races.

    Sebring, Vitus, Elkhart Lake, Monza, Le Mans 79 and perhaps Spa if we can find one suitable.
  6. Maybe try running a different mod each available day just to keep stuff fresh,I mean I will race anything,anywhere might not be good everywhere but it is just fun for me still the same.
  7. Too many of the races in a too short space of time - that's why people aren't bothering now. If you tried to run 1 per week or even 1 every 2 weeks it should stop people from getting bored of it so quickly.
  8. Little aussi series would be very very nice on tracks like
    Eastern Creek
    Oran park
    Hidden Valley
    Phillip Island
    Pukekohe Park

    Tracks that are not available legaly in race07 so that it should be a change for all.

    Cars i would stick to the Endurance Series Mod but use the GT1 & GT2 only so you get a good race against plenty of guys.

    Distance something between 60 and 90 mins with a fuel and tyre multplier of some kind to force the odd pit stop or driver change if some want to try that.

    The P1 & P2 cars i would keep back for bigger tracks like Le Mans.

    Race start time i would also bring a little forward so that it is not too late for guys outside of the UK.

    Begining of the week would be great like mondays or tuesdays so as not to interupt any leagues.

    Some other tracks to throw into the hat could be
    Castle combe
    A1 ring
    and lots of other tracks that some of us enjoyed in toca but seldom see in gtr2 or race07
  9. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    I prefer shorter races (15/20min) on various tracks. (mods: Mini/Lupo/LMS Porsches/BMW1)
    For LMS I prefer max 45-60 mins, since all those pract/qual/race takes too long for me. Day/Night have no preference for me.

    Have no preference on which tracks, but prefer real tracks over fantasy.

    Preferred days are tues/wed.
  10. Preferred days: Weekends for me... but not that often, mainly because there are no events in my timezone (not that there's potential for any, anyway... :p)

    No comment on the frequency of events.

    Mods: I'm not really fussed - there's so much to try in rFactor. (Though I just gave the TC2000 mod a go, and ---> :drool:)

    Tracks: like Ramon, I prefer real over fantasy, but a little bit of everything is okay with me.
  11. I just joined racing with you, but for me, the best days would be Thursdays/Fridays. In summer time, not a good ideia during weekend, Mrs.Marques don’t appreciate much night weekend races.

    As for series, Endurance series is fine for me, I think others like Série Internationale Du Mans, F1 1991 LE, PCC2007, Porsche Fabcar Challenge, DTM would be great.

    Also could set one day of the week for continuous short events, like 10 min qualify and 10 laps race, with 3 or 4 well known tracks rotating, just like RFC do a time ago with TCL.

    In another day of the week one only longer event, with the normal free practice, qualify and about 1 hour race.

    With that kind of schedule, could be more easy to people join the races.
  12. A GT2 "mini-series" would be brilliant,the all GT2 Porsche event at Dubai was one of my favourites of that run of events,and not because its probably the only one i didnt run out of fuel :p....

    Tues. or Wed. is a good day for it :).
  13. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    How about setting up some pre RDLMS practice races, make it compulsory that people signed up to the league must attend at least one event, seems strange that the league places filled up really quickly but now theres no one around who wants to race in the club events, just my two penneth
  14. well dont forget that here in UK kids and students have gone back to school so maybe there doing the stuff at night that they dont have the chance to do in the day
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ill drop 2 more pennies in :plus1:
  16. People doesn't run in other tracks because they're testing on Road America. If you put a test race in this track, i'm sure that will be a full race.

    And this is one think i don't understand. There is an official race and there is not a server with this track. if there were an official server with the circuit would certainly have people testing and maybe quick races.
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Testing you can do offline as well :) Online testing with any races is not really interesting.

    Besides we had an event last week on road america and that wasnt filled up completely either
  18. If you have GTR Evo and want to do organized races, look there for some. Because of GTR Evo's popularity over rFactor, many more people play it now.
  19. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    Doesent really help us Kyle but you are right, I think because EVO is more plug it in and play and rFactor is more of a simulation, maybe thats who we should aim some races at, hard core simmers, force cockpit mode and have some 3 hour races, thats just about the limit for one driver IMO, this seems to happen in rFactor all the time, a mod will be popular for a couple of races and the subsequent races will have 4 or 5 sign ups, maybe scrap club races and just run a couple of mods a week in a league scemario, that way there should be garunteed (sp) full sign ups each week, just tossing my thoughts out there.
  20. About rfactor,i buy this,because EndRance Series Mod,it is very good mod,and more website start this mod big league,
    If talk GTR Evo,this simbin game good feel is freeback and touring car is good,and more people like easy set freeback,but in rfactor,set freeback to very enjoy the feel is need more time set freeback and test,
    About no more people join rfactor,i think is the race time is very long and all need practice on the track,rfactor track more is need to download,i think more people need to practice,may be this week post about next week race,may be more people join it,i remember,before on the silverstone is more people :)
    I think every people want to practice more time to made good time,and then race on good battle,so,they need more time on the home practice in the track,and then,race day,they will come on server battle :)
    Is i think :)

    My english no good,i hope all can see my means :)
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