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why am i slower on expert mode????

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Daniel Triana, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. now I know I'm not the fastest out there but for example in TT for Australia I managed to set a 1:21:XXX but when practice and qualifying came around the best I could do was a 1:28:XXX using the same set up and low fuel, I know tire sim plays a big part in this but I didn't think it would slow me down that much, are there any tricks or strategies that you guys follow to get your times close to the ones on TT???
  2. in tt you have no tyre sim and fuel sim. i hope codemasters delete the option to choose -.- i want both sims on.

    with sims on, a 1.23.9 is possible. learn drviing with the sims. thats the real f1 2010. not the senseless tt mode

    sry for my english:D
  3. As well as no tyre or fuel sim, also in TT, the car is fully developed with all its modifications, the track conditions are constant and dont evolve.

    TT is good for 'comparing' setups on a level playing field everytime. It provides laboratory conditions to see whether that extra click on the antiroll bar really does make you faster, but not too good for 'developing' setups for any other game modes.
  4. yeah I guess that practice is the real key, what i find weird is that with the Sims on it feels that I'm going as fast as in TT mode but when I look at the time its nowhere near it, and it drives me nuts!!!!
  5. i will never drive in TT anymore. that destroys my driving skill with simulations
  6. well i just figured that my brake pedal is messed up so it was braking when i didn't want it to, gotta thank fanatec for that one, hopefully i can fix them again and i can start saving for the clubsport pedals