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Why AI never crash or got Failures in the race? (Merged)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Conveen, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. I got my first race today in Bahrain. But all AI Driver was lucky. Nobody have a wheel plates, engine destroy, crash, spinning or anyone other problems with the cars.
    Also when AI behind me in the race there are not so fast first, after there passing me I cant follow because there are faster then.
    There is not safety car? I mean this is a must in F1 game or not?
    Why AI crash in my back? Why AI is to slow in some curves and in other curves to unreal fast?
    Why AI never slide from the street?( only me :-D )
    Why in some race the stage are empty with 70% - 80%?

    Why I buy this game?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. Bahrain is considered one of the easier tracks (Ai wise)

    Engine destroyed it happend once or so in a full season of driving.
    Occasionaly they will spin, crash and do other things running wide or making little mistakes although not as much as IRL
    in fact most races all will finish (if you don't kill them off)

    Depending on your settings (fuel sim on or off? tire sim on or off?) and other aids it will be more easy to pass them.
    If you put the ai in Easy all driver aids, except breaking assit on you'll easily pass them and win the race by 1 or even 2 rounds in front of them when you race 20%

    Why you bought the game? I think you can only answer this.. but in my opinion it's a great game.
  3. I often see incidents in which AI cars spin off or collide with other AI cars so they do make mistakes . . . never seen a mechanical failure retirement though.
  4. In Monaco Alonso hit someone at the pit exit lane, took him out of a race, also after the patch now that im in hockenheim sometimes they spun off on the stadium, also i think ive saw a crash after the hairpin.
  5. James Chant

    James Chant

    Generally, I have found the AI only make a mistake after I do. Especially at the Degners in Suzuka
  6. there's not nearly enough AI DNFs, however I do see some from time to time. Last race I did in Monaco Alonso and Petrov (lol so realistic :p ) DNF, didn't see what happened to them though.
  7. I agree, there are not enough mechanical failures. ive only seen ai retire from me pushing them into the wall :p. the only track ive seen a real crash is monaco, when the ai come out the pit lane, the ai cars on a flying lap dont move out the way and smash into them, this happened in qualifying and in the race! needs to have more mechanical failures to make the game more realistic
  8. The only DNFs I get are ridiculous accidents when it rains.. (or when I push Webber into the barriers at the start yet get no penalty despite the fact I probably killed him) and of course the ever-predictable spins in the wet, at the same corners of every race... The last time at Monaco, Button span at Rascasse and sat there for last 30 laps or so... Yet never actually retired!! And the chicane of death at Catalunya, turn 9 at Japan, etc etc... Always the same places! The weather might be 'dynamic', but the AI certainly are not.
  9. first season, NO DNF's for Ai's until suzuka when hamilton crashed under the bridge.. i think codemasters should look at making a patch of some sort, to fix this "problem"
  10. AI Crashes

    What difficulty are you playing on, since on normal you can only damage your front wing, while on hard and expert you can destroy the whole car and the AI.
  11. Does the AI ever make a mistake?

    I've had the game for a while now and I'm sure I've never seen an AI spin by itself - never mind it actually retiring from the race. Are there any mods out there that make the AI less fallible and maybe even retire from the race occasionally? I deliberately caused a major accident at the start of the race to test this - sending Vettel spinning into the air - in real life, he would've been out of the race at best and hospitalised (or worse) at the opposite end of the scale. Instead, he must have made his way back to the pits, because he was still in the race, but 23rd. This is a great game, but there are dumb little problems like this one that hold it back from taking GP4's crown.

    To test retirement further, I deliberately drove my car into the wall at very high speed - it resulted in a 'terminal damage' message (I couldn't complete the session) and a very concerned engineer. Maybe if there's a way to mod the 'terminal damage' threshold down, it'll provide more AI DNFs? I'm aware that engine failures and so on are rare these days, but people are always crashing out of the races in real life due to errors on their part.
  12. I recently drove past an AI car in race that was crashed into a wall. So I guess it does happen sometimes.
  13. But do they crash out themselves on harder difficulty levels? I've got no interest in spending the entire race pushing other cars into the wall - I expect them to mess up themselves occasionally. Also, I find it bewildering that Codies don't seem to have included mechanical failures! Yes, engine blow outs don't happen as much as years back, but they still happen from time to time, along with gearing problems, suspension problems and so on. If people don't want them to happen, then they can turn then off, but they should be in the game!
  14. Just did a 30% race at Catalunya on hard where the AI seem to be a lit quicker than they are on every other track. Howevere, during P, Q and the race I've never seen the AI spin and crash so much. It was awesome to see and added incidents to a terrible rave for me. Hate Catalunya.
  15. I see spins and get yellow flags, but very, very rarely. At Catalunya I was behind Massa for the last three laps until he spun off into the wall at the last chicane on the the last lap. I obviously snatched the position but somehow he managed to finish after me.

    Crashing is not realistic enough. It happens far too often in-game, and when they do crash, the worst they get is a broken wing. DNF's do happen, but I've never seen one and they are very, very rare. This is mainly because, as I said above, when they crash they're often completely behind, whereas IRL they'd most certainly have damaged their car fatally.

    Mechanical problems are not in the game, and I agree with the above poster who said they should be in the game but you should be allowed to turn them off. I understand that people might get frustrated if they're doing well and their engine suddenly blows, but at the very least we should have the option to turn this feature on or off. It adds realism and it would mean a more realistic amount of DNF's. Some cars should be more susceptible (ie Red Bull, the new cars) but they should still be rare (some cars don't have a single mechanical/engine failure all season).

    I had a mate say to me yesterday that the game was just "driving round a track", and tbh, he's right. A lot of the excitement from F1 comes from the crashes, the unpredictability, the leading drivers in a race going out, smaller teams getting rare shock results. But in this game - with no safety cars, only front wing and tire damage, almost no fatal crashes and no mechanical/engine failures - these things are few and very far between, and as a result this game gets very repetitive with most drivers finishing roughly in the same positions every race due to no crashing out, spinning off or safety cars.
  16. Only car that DNf was Massa in Bahrain because I put him in wall game has got good gameplay but not realistic enough in terms of car reliability. Still fun!!