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Who would you like the licensce to be given to?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Ho3n3r, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Let me start this one! And ye, I know it's a pointless argument. But still interesting nonetheless.

    So, say Codemasters didn't have the license this year, who would you give it to if you had a choice?

    I would probably give it to SimBin. Their games have enough of a sim element so that both hardcore and casual racers can enjoy them. Sadly for me, while F1 2010 and 11 have had some awesome features, it's just to buggy and arcadey for my liking.

    For example, the setups are mostly scales, as opposed to actual values. And the career mode questions and answers seem too rigid. Anyone else believe another company can improve on Codemasters' efforts?

    For me, I can never see Simbin doing an F1 title, as it must require a massive budget - which Codemasters can probably afford each year.
  2. I would like it to be Studio Liverpool as I enjoyed
    F1 CE,
    F1 2005 & F1 2004 but of course
    PC & 360 users would disagree as it would only come out on PS3
    EA Sports,
    because I had F1 2002 & F1 2000 made by EA Sports and I really enjoyed them on the PC.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy what Codies has done but, if they were to lose the license I wouldn't mind it being one of those two
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  3. Well i wouldn't mind if it was given too Codemasters again.
    If it was that would be their 3rd F1 game in a row, with 2 years of fluid experience and a starting point from F1 2011.
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  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I like Codemasters.
    Games are always going to have glitches, but I don't think it's half as bad as what a lot of people make out.
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  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Regardless to what developer the license would go for F1 we will still not see a full sim racing game. License is too expensive and big revenues need to be made to earn that back plus the sick amount of development costs that are made to create such a game (designers, lawyers, marketing etc).

    The end result will be the same as the previous titles: a good simcade title that appeals to the largest possible crowd.
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  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Well I have been getting my feet wet a tiny bit with other games on Xbox 360 and PC to get experience.
    On the Box: Race Pro,Forza,
    On PC R Factor, Race 07.
    and have experience dating back to 1997 and F1 97 and some since (EA sports)
    My PC is not bling enough to work well with Race 07 but works R Factor pretty well.
    At this early stage of my learning I would say my perfect game would be the slick gameplay graphics and features fro Codemasters but with the vehicle physics and FFB of SimBin.

    I really enjoy the challenge of driving the cars well in Rfactor and yes it is harder.
    But I must say the handling and physics of F1 2011 make for great online racing.
    I imagine that if the exact same drivers all migrated into say an R Factor platform we would be crashing and spinning all over the shop, whereas in F1 2011 we can have a great race and have all drivers finish minus the occasional disconnect.
    So really enjoying the product here. I accept that there are products that are more faithful "sims". But for a game I can bang into the Xbox rather than a water cooled £1,000 PC and have a great race it does it.
    I drive Career (now in season 3/5 @75% Dist), Co- Op, League and Club races all on the same track in one week. All very different experiences. I'm even getting on better with Ed the engineer now! OK I know he isnt real
  7. Yes all games have bugs, but its how many are released with the game, the severity of the bugs and then how they are addressed through maintenence and patches thats the main issue here.

    Codemasters have now proven on 2 occassions that they do not actually care about the game once it is released. Selectively ignoring (or not being able to recreate) major issues, and when people decide to take them to task about it, they get banned from their forum.
    People post about bugs here on RD, when they may as well just phone their mum up and tell her as its not going anywhere.

    A couple of dirty patches which didnt even address the major game corruption issue, created a tyre wear bug plus some other issues and then they announce no more support as they are off to create a crappy Gymkhana Showdown Dirt game and plan how to convince us to give them another 30 - 40 GBP for 2012.

    We have all had varying levels of bugs and frustration with both games, only last night 2 of us had the game corruption bug before a 2011 league race and I've got to say, buying F1 2012 if CM do produce it would be the equivalent of letting Steve Hood take you up the wrong un and not even getting a reach around. Mind you, that would be cheaper than buying the game, so its maybe an option.
  8. I don't really care as long as they get the handling right and don't cheap us on tracks (for a 3rd time)
  9. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I really don't mind the Codemasters game. I'm glad to have had all three of their releases (2009, 2010, 2011) and eagerly await the 2012 game. Haven't had so much fun since the Psygnosis games in the late 90's.
    Yes there are some bugs, but they can't support a game forever. They have to keep moving forward on different games.
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  10. Well codemaster shut down departments for shooter games etc to add to their racing games. So i think Codemaster would be up for it again.
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  11. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Agree handling can be improved, (maybe a ultra sim choice) but compared to what have we been cheaped out?
    In my somewhat limited experience the tracks are amazing.
    Race Pro, R Fcator and Race 07 th etracks look like deserts in comparison. Or are we preferring quantity over quality
  12. he means because on F1 Championship Edition (or F1 2005 I forget) you could get Detroit and a few other tracks & you could get legendary cars I.E Lotus 78
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Oh ok.
    For my money I would prefer that the tracks we have are very well rendered, but each to his own
  14. If Codemasters improve on what they have which for me is 7/10 as it stands, then stick with them. Other than that I would nominate EA.
  15. I would go with Codemasters right now since they gather a lot of information , but i thing they need a new game engine something like a GT5 concept more of a realistic look and feel. They do need to step up their game or i believe the F1 game will go dormant

    Maybe just maybe a partnership or alliance can be form to perfect this title, that would be :cool:
  16. They should hire Geoff Crammond and everything would be alright.
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  17. To me, Codemasters can have it again. They do a good job overall. Altough there are some minor and major bugs, but those are in every game. Also it should be great to see what SimBin will make of it ^^
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  18. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Simbin would make great GT cars for sure but I havent seen any open wheeler from them ever that is of good quality. There are lots of simracing developers that would do a better job imo.
  19. Geoff Crammond. He is the best one to do it! He made Grand Prix 4, the best f1 sim ever IMO.
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  20. I think the main issue with CM is that we all they COULD make a better effort but for whatever reason they WONT.

    + graphics
    + car handling (I would also like a sim mode though)
    + career mode (it exists, could be better)
    + controller support

    - game at release is bugged, more like a Beta (11/11 bug)
    - patch1 introduces more bugs than it fixes
    - patch2 fixes 11/11 bug but introduces drive out and tyre wear bug
    - above mentioned bugs are NEVER fixed
    - still have other gamebreaking bugs (pitstops, corruption etc)

    If the game was just terrible I could ignore it. If it was great I could enjoy it. What CM did with F12011 left me confused. This is more or less the same reaction I had to 2010. This time I will for sure be holding out until Oct/Nov to even consider buying.
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