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Who will drive a good season?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Lars Brugman, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. So the season is about to begin. Some guys have already bought their beer(stupid). So who do you think will do a very good job this year?

    I personally think that Perez,Button and Kovelainen will do a good job.
    What do you think?
  2. Alonso, Schumacher, Pérez and Ricciardo.
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  3. Hamilton, Alonso, Grosjean, Di Resta and Ricciardo
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  4. Kobayashi if he gets a competitive car!
  5. I belive that Hamilton, Webber and Senna will do a good job. (Someone got to pick the out-siders. :p )
  6. Kovalainen for sure, so excited he's finally got KERS and hopeful that caterham has something going for them. that nose is too ugly to be bad...right?

    Also hoping Di Resta does a good job.
  7. Button, Webber, Ricciardo, Di Resta, Rosberg.
  8. Sun


    Vettle will win the champion again for sure :p but i hope Kovalaninen, Rosberg and Ricciardo does good this year!
  9. Webber and Button I hope can challenge at the pointy end and give Vettel some competition. I think Ricciardo and Vergne should be motivated to be the best of the non top 3 teams so I think they will do well in the midfield and I suspect we will see Kimi eating ice cream.
  10. Lewis Hamilton.

    Last year was his worst ever year in F1 and he still managed to win as many races as Jenson Button.
    Who knows how many he will win next year when hopefully he will have a less dramatic year.
  11. That was because Vettel won all races. Button didn't have a good begin of the season either.
  12. Vettel, Alonso, Pérez, Ricciardo, Grosjean & Vergne.
  13. Well Button did not collide with another guy 5-6 times during the season :) Many times rendering the race as done after it.
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  14. I think Ferrari might make a good start. I hope Kimi Raikkonen can kick some ass aswell. Anything is fine actually as long as Red Bull does not take all the wins early in the season :)
  15. But he did think he was a Red bull in china.
  16. Yea that was hilarious :)
  17. Alonso won't be denied any longer. It's absurd he only has two titles so far. Chances are that Mercedes will also finally get their act together, so Schumacher should kick some ass too. Raikkonen is a natural, he doesn't need any preparation time to get up to speed. Together, those three will show the youngsters who's boss ;)
  18. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Alonso will have another good year without a doubt.
    As will Button.
    Hamilton will have a good year, as it seems like he's had his 'growing up' year in 2011.
    I have a feeling that Vettel isn't going to shine as brightly this year for some reason.

    DiResta and Rosberg will shine this year as well.
  19. I don't like him but Alonso is always good even in the slow car. Remember 2008?
    I think Kimi will show some of his great tallent but the Lotus won't be a title competitor, probably he'll take some podiums.
    Hamilton. Hmm after the last three years of stupidity and nerves I think he's gonna be a real championship contender.
    And there are Button and Vettel. These two are the people with big P.
    I don't think any of the others will do anything more than 2-3 race or Q flashes. I really hope I'll be wrong at the end of the season and I really hope Williams to make some return couse after 96 they just go lower and lower and 2011 was I think the bottom. Every ball which hits the bottom bounces back :)
  20. Unless it's already deflated...