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Who should I sign a contract with, Red Bull of Mclaren?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by questionman1, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. I'm cmoing towards the end of hte season and I should probably sign a new contract. I have no particular feelings toward any of those teams but I am split as to which team si "better."

    During my career, Red Bull consistently is faster than McLaren

    However, on the boards, everyone seems to prefer McLaren

    What do you guys recommend and why?
  2. The simple answer is, whichever you want. They're both top tier teams. McLaren is slightly faster on a straight, RBR has better downforce for the curves. So maybe match the car to your driving style? I like the McLaren purely because I prefer its cockpit view.
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    If you are used to a car that understeers like the Lotus/Force India/BMW Sauber then the Mclaren is a good choice, but your not gonna make a bad choice either way.
  4. I would'nt choose any. It just becomes easy street every track, maybe excluding Monaco but you know what I mean.
  5. 4th season, went Virgin-Virgin-Red Bull in previous seasons, now in a Lotus as choosing a high-tier car makes the game way too easy, even on Expert!
  6. the thing is that even on Expert the AI are still retardedly slow and even a complete new person to racing could slaughter the AI.
  7. Wow, I feel pretty humbled by your comment. With 168 hours on the clock and two, half length seasons on expert completed I certainly can't say I can slaughter the AI. In my season two Torro-Rosso I did come 2nd in WDC by 16pts and in the process won a number of races, but on some I just got pawned. It is true on some tracks the AI seems very slow (Bharain, Abu Dabhi) and on others just slower than I'd expect (Monza, Spa). On the whole though, I find it hard to match the lapping consistancey of the AI. Anyway, 3rd and final season now have got into McLaren so if I can't win the WDC I've got no excuse.
  8. This is true my friend. Mc Claren is a helluva ride.
  9. Both great cars

    I have not been with Red bull yet in my Career. I am presently w/McClaren and it is a real pleasure to drive. I drove the RB in Grand Prix and it seems to be about the same as McClaren. AI is no match for McClaren unless on Legend.
  10. I think you mean Legend AI, as Expert pertains to Difficulty.:wink:
  11. Expert difficulty incorporates Legend AI...
  12. You weren't joking. Got my McClaren ride by beating Jenson. First race, Bahrain, won by over a minute. Wtf? Guess it's time to go to Legend AI.:tongue:
  13. Hi there. I have a question too. If I beat Button in my first year and take his place, I will be kicked out after one year? I've read here on RDD forum that I won't get a longer contract in this way, by beating my championship rival. So... The best way to get a driver seat at McLaren is to get a normal offer from them?
  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    For sure you won't keep the seat unless you have earned the Rep level for the team. In a 7 year career its about 35 For McLaren not sure in shorter ones.
    Whether you do keep it even with the rep level is still a question I can't answer. One thread seemed to indicate he didn't. I've done 3 seasons with Lotus and starting 4th with them soon so Im a bit static, no bed hopping here..
  15. You get an offer from them when you beat Button (and told the press he's your rival). However unless you meet their reputation criteria by the end of next season, you won't get an extension.

    (fixed in F1 2011)
  16. David and Robin... Thanks for reply.
  17. I am half through my first season with Lotus and I never had the press asking me who is my rival. :(
  18. When you get to the twelfth race they will ask you who your rival is, you have a selection of the 3 people above you in the drivers championship I think. By beating your rival in races and possibly qualifying(?) the rivals team gains interest, if you're beating them regularly and finish above them at the end of the season you receive a contract offer from the team to replace that driver.

    In my first season I chose Rosberg as my rival, I managed to beat him but I chose to be a first driver at Force India instead :)