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Who is up for a Drive Across Europe

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Ron Squire, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hello all

    I was wondering if everyone has ETS2 wants to go for a free-no-limits drive across europe

    the Route will be sorted via voting for any of the roots below, however it must Start from Britain (since we are going from West to East) to wherever in he east of europe, however, since i dont have the expansion park for the entire east of europe i can only go as far as Poland or something like that, but anyway here are the options:

    Aberdeen - Szczecin
    Glasgow/Edinburgh - Poznan
    Carlisle/Newcastle - Wroclaw
    Liverpool/Manchester - Dresden
    Sheffield/Grimsby - Praha
    Birmingham - Brno
    Swansea/Cardiff - Wien
    Cambridge/Felixstowe - Salzburg
    London - Bratislava
    Plymouth - Linz
    Southampton - Innsbruck
    Dover - Munchen

    so if anybody is interested then please let me know

    oh and one more thing if we want to communicate we will be using TS (dont know what channel to use, since the ETS2 Channel has been taken down)
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  2. I have chosen a route which is Swansea to Wien if you want to join me, we will kick the drive off at 21:00 GMT on TS
  3. Drive starts in about 10 minutes it will be livestreamed
  4. Did anybody join?
    Even if you cannot see who you are driving with, using teamspeak would be kinda like gabbing on a CB. :p
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    This game needs multiplayer so badly. Its so much fun but you miss other people.
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  6. nobody joined unfortunetly and the game wasnt set up properly anyway so i need to redo this tonight at the same time, same route, but hopefully people will join and i dont get a game crash (or crashes)
  7. so yea will start at half 8 tonight on TS and set off at 9pm GMT
  8. please join
  9. still waiting
  10. extended to half 9 in a hope somebody will join
  11. right we'll do it tommorow
  12. actually its off
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  13. I would join, but I tend to be in the wrong time zone for these sorts of things.
    Also my speeding is pretty rampant, so the timing would get messed up. :p

    On a side note:
    @Andrew Ford I see how you rated Ron's latest two posts. If you do not like ETS2, then you do not have to hang around in the ETS2 threads.
  14. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i'm sorry (for you) that you misinterpreted my ratings completely.
  15. speeding for me doesnt matter as well i always crach, btw what timezone are you in
  16. Right now I am -7, but after DST change next month I will be the same as -8 because we do not change our clocks here.

    Ron, I often use the shoulder to pass cars, and run red lights in an oncoming lane. :whistling:
    I just wish I could find another (old model)american truck with 8x6 chassis, lots of customization and good sounds. The Kenworth W900L I am still using is ancient and liable to be broken by a new update at some point. :( And I have not even unlocked all it's upgrades yet. :/
    Anyway, when you want to carry around a european truck you can just put a flat bed on on of these. :p

    Actually, if you were planning on doing your run today I might be able to join if @Steven Walker does not hunt me down and boot me in the rear for not joining his GTL race today. :p
    Though IDK how much fun I am over the radio when just cruising around. And I would need to drive to the start since I have no garages in Britain. Too many speed cameras + driving on the wrong side of the road. :(
    It is snowing here as well so my internet may or may not flake out. *shrug* still worth a try.

    Andrew, when someone posts that something has been cancelled and then you rate it funny, how am I supposed to interpret that?
    The rating system is not very good at sarcasm.

    BTW, how long does it take to drive across Europe? Also, would we be doing this loaded or empty?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
  17. to drive accross europe would be about 1-2 hours if not more and any load out you want, but if you want to drive i can put this back on tommorow but only if you tell me what time is suitable for you since, i belive most people are available in the evening
  18. I cannot do it tomorrow unless at around 0200GMT or 0300GMT or so.
    I may or may not have time on Saturday at times you were suggesting, do not know yet.
  19. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    You could ask before assuming.
  20. well the thing is i can only do it from 1pm - about midnight so if you are available between those times on saturday then yes we can go then