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Who has the Megane mod ??

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Patrick van Driel, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,just wondering how many ppl have the Megane mod installed ???
    Plz post a commment if you have the mod . If there are enough ppl with the mod we can try to pick a date for a race .
    Plz let me know , Patrick
  2. I have, still the best mod for rfactor :cool:
  3. Yeah i think so 2 great mod , I've seen you a couple of times allready in there.
    And as always your bloody fast :)
    Cya on track !
  4. Is the really the need for a poll? People can just say yes/no can't they? :)

    I have V2.02.
  5. I just installed it at the other day, but not tried yet.
  6. Well its a small poll and it is also for my information cuz i dont know how many Rfactor freaks we have here.
    Bram asked me to keep myself a bit busy with Rfactor only because i am in there everyday. I just want to try and help to get the Rfactor section in here a bit busy.
    And perhaps with some ppl have a race ,thats why i want to know who,howmany,when where and on and on and blah blah blah :)
    Reason is that Bram did a lot for me so its a return favor .
    Any questions just shoot guys !!!
  7. I have the mod (2.02) - interested in anything that happens.
  8. I have the mod..., installed and everything, but it does not work....
    I can not find the megane within the game
  9. Did you install the mod from the link posted here ?
  10. Yes i found the link under race club
  11. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    did you direct it to rfactor folder i had to do that
  12. yes i selected the rfactor folder
  13. I have it 2.02
  14. I have this mod also. very enjoyable racing although I do question just how realistic it is - the cars seem to have phenomenal grip and speed
  15. It has more grip then the Megane trophy 2005, but last night online in a server with no TC and no Stability its still some work to keep the car on track.
    Give it some time ,its a great mod.
    Hope to cu online in the Megane :)
    Oh and you can use the old setups from the other Megane mod as well.
  16. You drive without aids huh ;)
  17. Do you have another Megane mod installed ? if so remove that 1 with a modmanager. you can get it here: http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=rFactor Mod Manager
    It will also show the mods installed, it wont delete them but just turns the mods of to save loading time.
    There are so far no problems found installing the mod,so i dont know whats wrong Ivan.
    Stupid question maybe ,but is it a legal version of Rfactor you have ??
  18. I have now installed the mod manager.
    In the window that appears it says that i have FSOne and megane troghy v2.0 installed.
  19. Ok ,then if the modmanager can find it it is installed correct.
    Hmm,still dont know if it is a legal version of Rfactor you have , is it ??
    If not that will explain all problems .

    Last option is to remove the Megane folder and install again.
    Good luck Ivan
  20. Now its working all fine....
    (ps. for the record....., i have a legal version of Rfactor....)