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Who has got it?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Marcel Ascher, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Who has Forza 4 at home ?
    Whats your first impression ?
  2. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I made a pre-order of F4 in a local store, but here in Portugal the game will be only available on Friday 14th.
  3. Days like these I wish I was an American :p

    Hopefully I'll get my copy already on Thursday, otherwise it's Friday. Can't wait!
  4. Waiting for my GAME pre-order LE to say "Shipped" currently status is "unshipped" maybe they'll change that tonight. :)
  5. Hey guys bought it 4 hours ago in frankfurt, germany. Limited edition for 57€.....
    The game is THE reason tu buy an xbox ;-)
  6. Play.com got it to me today - already spent 2 hrs on it! Remember to import stuff from FM3 and claim rewards ....

    Only downer so far - cannot customise button allocation on pad, just select from list - can't use old clutch/gear combo I was familiar with .... :frown:
  7. Mine arrived this morning, not played it yet though, I'm swapping my old 20GB HDD for a 120GB HDD so I have plenty of room for the Install and DLC.

  8. I got mine yesterday. All I can say is Wow. I am a long time sim racer & this game just keeps getting better and better.

    I have the Fanatec Wheel coming tomorrow, but what I can say is, this is the first console game I have used the actual cockpit view for racing. I found FM3's cpit view off for some reason, but they have fixed it. The new tire physics are just spot on as well, being able to hold drifts, come out of them and keep control. Tail slapping is also great.....just feels like a car should.

    My new favorite cars are the oldies.....ie. the Mustangs and Chevy's. What a blast.

    The only grip so far.....TO EASY.

  9. Paulo, no El Corte Inglês já está à venda.
  10. I have it!!! Its alot better than FM 3 and so far i got the £59.99 LCE foronly £19.99 as GAME havnt took my reward points off my card!! :D
  11. I have it
    Only driven with a Ford ka until now.. lol
  12. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Just picked up my standard version for the local blockbusters.
    Just installing now.
  13. I have its a great game cant wait to get some hot laps in ;)
  14. Went to Tesco this morning and traded Deus Ex in for £28!!! Been playing for a couple of hours now, not very impressed with head tracking just can't seem to set it up right, any tips?
  15. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Got mine Limited Edition today at lunch time. And I'm quite happy because it brings a few codes to add the 2012 M5, the Honda and several cars more and tracks. Can't wait for tomorrow installation.
  16. Got it today :) Loving it so far, using the new Xbox Wireless speed wheel and before you start saying its a kids wheel it is actually really good for £35! I'm kinda glad that the F458 wheel was delayed, saved me £35 :)

    Just looked at achievements and if you did want 1000G you need a kinect :mad: :mad: :mad: One of the achievements is to use a kinect to drive :(
  17. sisters boyfriend had just handed me my copy of the colectors edition
  18. Played about an hour - impressed. AI more aggressive and challenging - haven't applied any upgrades to my cars.

    Level rewards offer choice - which I think will mean the auction house will not be choked with particular models as not everyone will have selected same cars .....
  19. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I never thought I would say this:
    Sorry GT5, I will plug my PS3 and play GT5 only for the community's races on Thursdays.

    Forza4 has: Stunning sounds, physics, handling, image quality, replays, great AI, great cars, do not have SPA but has Road America/Road Atlanta/Sebring/Infineon/Silverstone/Hockenheim/Barcelona, do not have 3001 Skylines but has a brilliant car selection which allow us to chose any of them for quick races.
    The carrer MOD is very nice giving us always three options to each race.
    The Challenge board is superb. Hundreds of challenges well made.
    I have spent all weekend playing it (mostly quick races and challenges) and I didn't want to stop. Visualy effects are stunning.
    The sounds are soooo perfect and give us an immersion that never had with another game (even PC game).
    The options to race online are many with many variations. I raced one that put on track two street car classes at the same time.
    And playing it with the Fanatec Porsche wheel it's marvelous. It's brilliant we can change settings while driving, such as FF, dampers effects, wheel rotation, etc...

    Thank you Turn 10 for making me being at work thinking on that damn game like a teenager, I'm 45 for god sake! :tongue:

    Anyway, it was an excellent positive surprise for me, therefore, I'm so sorry GT5.

  20. I agree Paulo - FM4 seems to drag you in far more than GT5 in offline modes. As you, I'll still dip into the GT5 Club events though - time permitting.
    Have you checked out FM4 League/Club yet? New FM4 club formed for RD members.