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Who bought G29 / G920 and is disappointed?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Yury Veiga, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. I just received my G920 and saw the manufacturer forums that does not work in PC yet. Neither model, actually.

    And now, what I do? I want to play .... = /

    Which one is the best alternative? Thurstmaster T300 or T500?
  2. jimortality


    Thrustmaster TX
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  3. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    TinShedRacing Premium

    I've been running a G29 since October 2015 (previous wheel was a G25) and I'll have to say I am both frustrated and disappointed with this wheel.
    It seems to work okay in F1 2012 but is mad in F1 2013. As an example, at Spa in 2013, the FFB pulls to one side in some of the lap, then near the end of the lap in the bus stop there is zero FFB.
    Both F1 2014 and F1 2015 you need to first hit a wall to get the FFB to kick in, after that it's reasonably okay.
    It sort of works in my other games (Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and RFactor 2) but its underwhelming.
    The dead zone sucks and the software is totally useless.
    It does work on PC though.

    In the end I think i'm going to hoof it over the fence and get a different wheel.
    My mate has the Trustmaster TX, so I'll look at that or the T300.
    I am not considering the T500 as it does not have the brushless motor as found in the T300.
    The Fanatec V2 looks exciting too.

    Okay so after writing this post I went back to my other games (specifically not codemasters F1 series) and I have to admit I may have wrongfully accused the G29 a bit. It was probably due to being a bit pissed off with the experience in F1 2013.

    I tested Project cars again and found the wheel worked well for me, much better than I had found the G25, I also found the same in Assetto Corsa.

    I am back to keeping the G29 for now as it is an improvement on the G25 and I do like having the extra buttons on the wheel (even though they could have put more effort into the positioning). I also forgot to mention the pedals, they are great, these are a great deal better then the ones on the G25.
    For the price point, I am happy with the G29 (I also got it at a good price AUD 300).
    Looks like the issue is more related to codemasters and the F1 series than the wheel.
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  4. i sold the g29 and bought the T300!! i'm waiting my new pedals...and i will buy the shifter too!

    almost happy now.
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  5. I agrre g29 is not a good purchace t300 i am going to buy next when it arrives i am setting g29 on fire to cheer myself up
  6. The issue with the FFB pulling to one side is to do with the Codemasters F1 games not your wheel. It's a problem they never patched. My T500 does the same. I think you have to turn on/off Vsync or something like that.

    What deadzone are you talking about? It shouldn't be any different to the G27 etc.
  7. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    TinShedRacing Premium

    Hi Zzyzx,
    Thanks for your comments, its good to know that the issue is related to Codemasters and not the wheel, especially if I had bought a new one only to fond the same issue!
    The deadzone I was referring to must be an issue in the Codemasters F1 again, as it seems perfect in Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. I edited my post to reflect what I found last night when reevaluating the wheel in the other games.
    I'll try the VSync think and see how I go.
    Cheers :)
  8. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    TinShedRacing Premium

    lol, maybe hold on that fire dance for now, I don't think the wheel is that bad anymore.
    I would rather set the Codemasters F1 game on fire atm. haha.
  9. rocafella1978


    G29 was and is still great in most of the games I played and used on PS4 and PC, now being on Fanatec for a while of course would not want to go back and soon going to LB SS2 and moving to PC platform only.
    had the G27 for many years and then G29, both wheels are with my two nephews and still work great, did GTeye mods on both of them and never had any issues with them! not even the G27 after so many years!!! i have to admit the software for the newer gen wheels (Logitech) is absolutely horrible and useless if y u are used to the old profiler! otherwise no complaints whatsoever on the G29. (was actually one of the first to dial in tremendously G29 on PS4 with pCARS)
  10. Yep u r all right i was and am still frustrated however i will get my teddy back that i threw and start over cheers
  11. a bit late but both products have had updates to software/drivers enabling more features in LGS (earlier versions didnt even have a centre spring option via its own software) if unavailable to change in game) you couldnt alter it via LGS,thankfully it now has more features inc sensativity/D.O.R which were missing at the start
    since some of these post were written before i thought you should know
    g920 has a firmware patch and LGS (latest version)
    g29 latest version of LGS

    g920 still suffers from driver/firmware errors still as of 27/7/16 returned my 3rd one in 3 months ,kept loosing calibration and its centre ,swapped for g29 no issues works fine ,happy now its set up correctly,but certain racers have config probs (f12013/f12015) ,LFS,some older games which worked with DFGT dont work with the g920 either ,some games wont accept my shifter on the g29 other than changing the FFB on assetto it was perfect from install , the review/posts above were written well before the updates for both wheels i feel the g29 whilst not 100% compatable with all my racing games/driving is a much better wheel ,logitechs own support is really poor on both wheels a.....,i heard the g920 uses a modified xbox360 controller driver,(direct x)

    whats weird is how a microsoft/logitech product has issues on a Microsoft OS(win 10 64bit) using direct x drivers whilst the g29 (sony/logitech) work fine....,just look up g920 issues via google ,
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  12. I bought a G920 in May because my G27 died one day in December (sad day :cry:): the new wheel didn't work neither in Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, I had no throttle and no force feedback. I had to refund.
    Today I'm playing with my brand new T300 GTE and it worked perfectly out of the box, no problem at all!
    And I have to say the FFB is way way better on the Thrustmaster wheel than the G27, it's much more smoother, stronger, more precise and even more silent. The pedals are pretty cheap, not because they don't have resistance, but because they slide everywhere on the floor but with one of those grippy mat the problem is solved.
    I'm really enjoing my new wheel and the best thing is that I can mod later it with new wheel addons and new pedals!
  13. Sean Rogers

    Sean Rogers
    TinShedRacing Premium

    I tossed the G29 in May, replacing it with the Fanatec V2 wheel base and V3 pedals.
    Now I'm happy as, well worth the extra. No comparison between the two.
  14. I recently bought the G29 and the shifter for about 200€ second hand and compared to my old Driving Force GT this is heaven! Even though the shifter is a bit toy-ish... Have anyone tried the Thrustmaster TH8a together with the G29, that should be possible right? (Separate USB device).
  15. jimortality


    Yes it is, I have it working with my g290
  16. Nice to hear, I guess that's a huge lift!
  17. jimortality


    I have the logitech shifter as well which I use for Hshift and th8 for sequential.
  18. But the th8 must be much better as Hshift? What class do you race?
  19. jimortality


    It depends, all different classes but doing it this way, I don't have to keep changing the th8 from sequential to shifter every time I change class plus I picked up the logitech shifter half price. I also use paddle shifter as well and if I play dirt rally I can use the th8 as a handbrake.
  20. Lol! So I guess it´s better to buy two th8 ;)
    Thanks for sharing some info about this, now I got more stuff on my wish list.