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Skins White/RaceDepartment Lotus Evora GX 1.1

RaceDepartment Evora GX

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  1. Joel


    Would it be possible to add some more RD logos? Maybe on the sides?
  2. It will be alot easier in a few days when either Kunos or Chargingcar gives us templates.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Great car but that logo we aren't using anymore for several years yet it keeps popping up on car skins and flyers all the time.

    Would you mind sharing where you found that old logo?

    This the current logo in use since '10

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  4. I googled racedepartment and saved the biggest, clearest one I could find after about 30 seconds of looking....Is there somewhere I can download a nice current one or should I just delete the car?
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    No need to delete anything :) The current logo is one post up. Is that one big enough? Otherwise i am sure there is a vector image available somewhere under a layer of dust if you want it ;D
  6. Just seen that I can save it, should be fine...I will revise the car anyway but I gotta admit I like the old one better..
  7. I really liked this work with that logo.