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Which you consider the best team to join?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Camacho, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all friends!

    I'm running my second championship with my favourite team, McLaren. I'm happy with them but for now, I have recieved a contract of Red Bull to join with them, and I will be the first driver in the new season. What would you do? For now, McLaren only gives me the option for be the second driver in the new season. I don't know what to do.

    In game, the Red Bull is better than the McLaren or the performance is similar?

    I'll wait for your help. Thanks in advance and a very happy racing from Spain!
  2. So over years if you choose to stick with one team is it just that team whose car gets better or does every car improve in the end? I'm at Lotus @ Season 5 after realising it is the only team who will give me contracts year after year (Mercedes sacked me even winning championships and joining at their requirements not by rival challenge), will it pay off in the end?
  3. I think it is the team whose car'll get better. If not we might have Glock, Senna and Heikki at the top and Massa dead last. XD

    Staying at a team should pay off, although I've never tried, no patience. I keep staying at Mercedes. Fun car.
  4. I wanted to stay at Mercedes, but they gave me no contract even though I joined them via reputation not driver challenge! Was at 32, they offered me one at Brazil, but apparently winning 10 races following season wasn't good enough, so chose to go to Lotus which was the team I was at in first 2 seasons.

    But I thought Mercedes was a better car than Ferrari - it is more stable and has the speed.

    So far with Lotus in season 5 after Mercedes I managed 2nd and 3rd at Bahrain and Australia, I think I got 8th and 6th in China as well... In Monaco I qualified 12th and Jarno was 11th. If we had fast throttle map setting I reckon top 10 is very realistic in every race (except Catalunya). I think I will stay here for next 2 seasons but I hope my car is good enough to compete for championship by the time season 7 is up there.
  5. I am on Season 4 with STR and currently competing with the big guys. I have the RDDev 2011 mod with the AI mod playing in expert setting but i turn off the fuel sim.

    The position i can get is around usually in the top 6 position if nothing goes wrong. *Pit bug*.

    So ya, even though the list show 735 as the Max HP for STR, its still pretty fast for the car.

    I'm sure Lotus will be better since their HP can go up to 745. :)
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Yes in season 2 with Lotus I have had several top 4 results and 3 podiums now. Legend AI, No assists, all sims bar fuel.
  7. I'm on my 3rd season on Lotus and if I use the fast engine mapping then I can get a slipstream on a Mclaren. It does feel like a car in Tier 2 even though I think its in Tier 3.
  8. It feels my lotus is certainly competitive amongst at least midfield cars... It seems once you upgrade a car, whether you leave the team and comeback or not, the car is moving up tier permanently. I was at Ferrari and Mercedes and they are now competing for championships. And surprisingly my lotus scored 2 wins, one 2nd place, and a couple of 3rd finishes after round 10.

    And I'm certainly not a good driver. No experience of online racing whatsoever, my best qualifying lap time at Australia was 1:29:555.
  9. Lotus for sure! After doing the 7 years carrer mode switching beetween teams i starded one with lotus. I´m going to stick with the team for all 7 years. In the end i should have a super lotus lol