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Which Video Card performs best in AC: ATI or nVidia?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Stefan Mizzi, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Maybe Kunos can give us a heads up/direction here for those people who are upgrading their pc/video card for Assetto Corsa...?

    I'm not sure if Kunos have done already some tests with different video cards and their performance but as we all know, ATI and Nvidia cards perform differently in some games. For example, in pCars, currently the Nvidia is a better option then the ATI.

    If this information is not yet available, then hopefully this thread can give some help to those upgrading their video card after when the tech demo is out and the info becomes available. :)

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  2. Good question. Knowing my luck the game will probably favor nvidia:(
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  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am currently starting to feel that my Nvidia GTX260 is ageing when playing other games so reading the feedback here after release is also for me a deciding factor in what card to buy for the future.
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  4. On DrivingItalia Casillo suggested nVidia.
  5. I think the tech preview will be here to answer these questions
  6. I'm somewhat worried my HD6870 may not be good enough for AC, it certainly isn't good enough for pCARS, that game, at Ultra settings, with wet track and 64 cars literally runs at 3fps. Though, judging by several comments from Kunos' guys, I can tell AC will be way lighter than pCARS, but I don't know how much.
  7. Well, I think we'll be able to see how our graphic cards perfom soon in the tech preview.
    I just hope it is optimized for both (Nvidia and AMD), and not only for a single one, like some games do.
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  8. Sigma, pcars runs like a bag-o-shite on my 7970 so I would ignore that as a benchmark. Besides, it seems that AC Is actually optimised for the multicore GPU functions in dx11 and will run better in dx11 vs dx10. Your GPU should run the game between 60-100fps, if the thread I posted earlier is anything to go by
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  9. well, actually I've got Sapphire's Toxic 5850 (overclocked one) so it's very similar in terms of performance to yours 6870. Additionaly I've got old E5200 cpu and 4gb 800mhz ram.
    And Battlefield3 is working on high fully fluently and in addition even on ultra settings it's running pretty good.
    I don't believe AC will be more demanding than BF3, honestly...
    And pCARS? Well that's photo-mode simulator. You won't care about it when AC will be released ;-)
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  10. Ah, thanks for that link, it has some good info about performance in AC. :cool:
    I only use a single 1080p screen, so I guess I'll be fine with my specs (Phenom X4 965 BE 3.4ghz, HD6870 1gb and 8gb of ram), if I get 60fps with all on max it will be awesome, in pCARS even with everything on lowest I barely ever hit 55fps, it's awful. >__<
  11. To tell the truth I think AC will provide better "photos" because it has a better lighting. :)
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