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Which tracks do you love/hate the most.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by LaikaToplake, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. I love playing this game. And of course i have favorite tracks. Australia, Canada, Monaco, Europe, Spa, Italy and Brazil. All great fun. In 2010 i loved Canada the most, but i'm leaning against Australia or Monza this time around.

    I HATE Japan. I just can't figure it out. I have no confidence there and i'm always going of.

    So what track do you love the most and which one do you you just dread?
  2. I like the easy ones :) Because I'm fairly new to it all. Australia and Canada. Soft spot for Valencia, Turkey and Monza

    I simply cannot do Silverstone. Or Monaco or Singapore. Without crashing. India is tough too.
  3. The other way around. My worst track is probably Canada, it's boring, repetetive, too much curb-riding..Not a big fan of Malaysia either, I don't really like all those blind corners :p

    Prefer tracks with nicely flowing corners that keeps you busy, like Suzuka, Silverstone, Nurburgring, Hungaroring. I do think Melbourne is quite fun actually even though it is quite easy.
  4. Love Suzuka, such a great track. Nurburgring also is a big favourite.

    Least favourite is probably Korea which I find a bit dull
  5. Favourites: Hungaroring, Silverstone, Interlagos & maybe Suzuka

    Least favourites: Kuala Lumpur, Yeongam

    The rest are all in between. :)
  6. I have to agree with Rich a lill bit. Any track with fast corners can be my favorite. But i dislike Singapore coz it gives me claustrophobic feeling when i drive there. Don´t like it at all.
  7. Love canada,monza,brazil,turkey,australia....basically the easy ones......Hate monaco,singapore,suzuka
  8. i dont like india,turkey, even if perfomance is not bad
  9. The classics: Spa, Monza, Suzuka, Canada, Monaco.
    I've only won in Monza, but i still enjoy racing at the others up there.
    Don't like: Valencia, Australia, Singapore.
    Never liked Valencia, boring; Singapore and Australia i always find both difficult, and irritating.
  10. Eric Roben

    Eric Roben
    League Organizer

    Favourites: Melbourne (nice and fast), Shanghai (amazing first corner), Canada (nice and easy), Hungaroring (love it), Spa (classic), Abu Dhabi (beautiful track).

    Dislikes: Turkey (especially sector 1), Silverstone, Singapore, Korea.
  11. Favourites: India, Melbourne, Singapore, Spa, Budapest

    Valencia, Sao Paulo (can never get into a flow here), Shanghai
  12. Favourites: Silverstone, Istanbul (very sad to see it go), Sao Paulo (even though I'm not very good at it)

    Dislike: Valencia (watching and gaming), Yas Marina (like watching, hate gaming), Yeongam (like watching, hate gaming)
  13. I have a lot of fun driving on Suzuka. I literally did fall asleep while racing 100% at Monza.
  14. I really hate the track of Singapore, it is too difficult for me to learn it!
  15. I really can't stand montreal, I don't know if I'm just not good here or that everyone else is cutting too many corners.

    Either way my best race pace there is around 1:11.5 and this seems to be about 2 seconds too slow to compete on line.

    My favorite tracks are monaco, singapore, and valencia. I love the tight feeling and the risk vs reward at these tracks. Tracks like melbourne, montreal, and the new tracks where you can just ride over the grass/parking lots with no consequence really annoy me.
  16. I like Melbourne, Montreal, Spa and Sao Paulo. These are tracks I always perform well on, and I can keep myself very consistant there. Even though I hated Melbourne a few years ago, I now love it. I just had to get the feeling for it.

    Tracks I really hate are Shanghai, Suzuka and the new India track. I just can't seem to get any rithm at these tracks. I can very well keep myself on the track, but I underperform like crazy when I drive those tracks. But I do plan on learning them.
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Love: Spa, Nurburgring, Istanbul Park
    Deepest hate: Monaco
  18. LIKE: Melobourne, Istanbul, SPA, Silverstone, Monaco.
    DISLIKE: Sepang, China, Valencia.
  19. Fav: Melbourne

    Hates: Monte Carlo (don't know how many times I have trashed the car there) :mad:
  20. Am I only one who love Monte Carlo? Driving in tight streets, where every one bad move causing damage... That's what driving mean. I was playing alot games about rallying, maybe that's why I like this track? It's similar. I also like Shanghai (corners 1 and 2, fast sector 2, alot of overtaking in sector 3), Hungaroring, Spa-Francorchamps and Interlagos (I was learning how to drive F1 car in rFactor on this track, so I like it).

    I hate street circuits except Monaco (Valencia, Singapore) and new asian tracks from last part of F1 season (Korea, India, Abu Dhabi), boring... Also Nurburgring... ugh.

    I miss Hockenheim and I'm happy with Bahrain being out :)