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Which television or which racing seat?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jtrulli, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I am considering to buy a racing seat. Normally I use a 22 inch samsung lcd and G27 steering wheel. But now thinking to buy a seat and a led tv. But I have some concerns.
    1-First off all I have co-op season and we playing %100 race distant. So I am very happy with my monitor with long playing. But I think on tv screen there will some problem about my eyes or is it harder to use? Do you have any idea about that. Is it really good to use a led tv for about 2 hours races?
    2-Which tv can you recommend to use? 32-37 ınch maybe?
    3- Also I want to buy playseat F1 seat, do you have any idea about that?

  2. NO Panasonic viera. there is a noticable inputlag witch is horrible
  3. Okay thanks. maybe looking for samsung and sharp. But I am not sure about these are better about input lag.
  4. I'm using a Samsung led-tv 32". Has a default computerscreen plug. I can recommend it (low price). My seat is a autostyle race seat (a real one) that I've mounted on a standard wheel chair base (cost's you around € 160). You will have a raceseat and office seat in one.
    You can see these items in this video (Codemasters F1 2010).
    Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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  5. Wow that's great Renneboog.Do you have any problems when you play 1,5-2 hours F1 2011 like eyestrain etc?
  6. Weekdays I play 3 hours, weekends 4-5 hours continually. No eye problems.
  7. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    def get a samsung they seem to blow the competion away
  8. If you want a more racy driving position I would recommend either the Obutto, or Nixim frames (I have the Obutto). Check over in the hardware forum if you want more discussion on different seats/setups. I would go for either a Samsung or Sharp, Sony's are good too but are on the expensive side.
  9. You guys are oversimplifying the comparison of TVs. I have a 42" S series Panasonic Plasma and in game mode it does not have noticeable input lag. My roommate has a much more expensive 58" Samsung Plasma and even in game mode the input lag is off putting.

    His also has noticeable short term burn in, whereas mine is almost not there at all.

    It very much depends on the specific TV model (or line, usually) and the quality of processing on the TV and whether the game mode can efficiently bypass it without introducing latency.