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which system to get '11 on

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by pecty, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. PC

  2. PS3

  1. I have 2010 on my PS3 and it was great to sit in front of my Sony Bravia to take in the latest F1 experience from Codies. I keep seeing tons and tons of mods on this forum for F1 on the PC. Just pondering all the tweaks and goodies people come up with for the PC version, anyone have both and have a basis to compare?


  2. I only can compare modded vs. unmodded game for the PC. The mods were awesome for 2010 and are awesome for 2011. You can edit about anything you like.
    The HD liveries/helmets posted here are beautiful. You can change the AI if you like, change names, stats, abilities. I wouldn't want to miss that.
  3. I´m sad to say, but, visualy PS3 copy does NOT compare to PC version. Prolly due to all mods, never-the-less they are a thing of beauty.
    F1 2011 can run 1080p/24fps (even over 24 fps) crystal clear graphics, easyly........ Atleast it should.
    I´ve played GT5, even Wipe Out which runs 60 fps looks light years ahead of F1 2011. Just 2 examples of same type of games.
  4. To make the game more realistic you really need to use the available mods. You can change many things including realistic tyre wear and look, adjusting the settings for better crash damage and AI agression, better cockpit camera angles as well as all the brilliant car paint jobs and helmets that are available. PC is the only way you're going to get a better racing experience in this game.
  5. it would depend on your pc tbh, do you have a pc capable of running the game as effortlessly as the ps3. I chose to get the ps3 version for the simplicity and cost effectiveness and reliability, i dont want to have to pay for a new gfx card to experience a game on a pc, nor did i want to mess about with the way it works through mods and such as well as the saved game issues, patch problems and the fact that at the end of the day your sat at your pc instead of your sofa :)

    Don't forget that Consoles are usually future proofed far beyond their time, unlike pcs which you seem to need to get something new for every 2 years (unless you spend 1000's at the start)
  6. If by "future proofed" you mean "not evolving at all" you are right. Today's games are limited by the capabilities of the current 5-6 year-old console generation. Since most games are just ported to the PC, even new games running on up-to-date hardware look just marginally better then a few years ago. :(
  7. What i meant was, when they design them with a view to them being as good as the games develop for many years for a cut down price, ie £250 worth of console may last you 5-8 years without the feeling of it being "too bad for a game". Pc's however are designed to be upgraded to a certain extent at considerable cost over roughly half the time with manufacturers releasing new kit every month to improve gameplay by 1% all limited by the capabilities of your core system. Added into the mix is the software issues, patches, system OS etc with pc games that have plagued the gaming generation for many years.

    All in all, gaming is what you get out of it, personally i enjoy the raw simplicity of my ps3, it fits into my lifestyle and i dont feel i'm losing out on any racing experience because of it. I'm sure i could get an identical experience from a pc at a much greater cost and much more effort.
  8. Yeah, I get you. I guess it's personal preference in the end. I am lacking a proper TV, so console + TV wold cost as much as PC parts, which (except of the graphics card) I need to buy nonetheless, because I need it to work/study. And on my sofa I'd have no opportunity to mount a wheel, so PC is the way to go for me. On top of that "surrounding" factors I like the ability to mod the game and tweak performance. Console restrictions always bugged me. :)
  9. Get the game for pc.
    Consoles are for ppl that have very limited budget and they`re not gamers.
    If you are true gamer get the game on pc.
  10. I wouldnt use F1 2011 as a game to base a major purchase around to be honest with you.

    Its a cheap xbox port, looks even cheaper on PS3 due to OpenGL limitations.

    At least if you go down the PC route, you will have the option of true DX11 (with tessellation) from games where developers actually put a bit of effort into making the PC experience bespoke. Plus you have options for playing games that are PC specific. Rfactor2 is coming - GSC is already here... etc.
  11. If you have a PC capable of running the game AT LEAST as well (graphics- and FPS-wise) as your PS3, then go for the PC. I'm surprised you even ask this question :p
    On the PC you get the ability to configure the game the way you like it (you can even slap your own face on your career driver :D).
    Oh, is it true that on the consoles you can't change your steering setup (pedals, buttons, paddles)?

    PS. Ahh crap, the new board engine doesn't support animated .gif files as avatars... Now my cute, twirly guy looks like a penis :eek:
    PS2. Aaaand fixed...
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  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys!

    My PC is in pretty good shape I think, I jumped on the DX11 bandwagon for BF3's frostbite2 engine and then the rumblings of Dirt 4, continued F1 releases from codies, Rfactor2 etc sounds like PC would be a good path. Plus it gives me an excuse to crack the PC open again and start tinkering with upgrades!