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Which rig should i buy?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by BhZ, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. BhZ

    Premium Member

    Hey guys, i'm planning to buy a rig (never had one). I'm not an expert so i need your help. I have 500 euros, the t500rs with pedals. I like the obutto ozone, but seems to have some problems with the t500rs and its pedals, that's why i'm here asking for a rig. Do u have any advice?

    P.s. I even play some fps, so i need space for keyboard and mouse.
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  2. BhZ

    Premium Member


    i forgot to say that i am tall 195cm, so i'm even worried about comfort.
  3. Johand

    Premium Member

    I would go for a aluminium profiles rig , easy to adapt to your needs , verry stiff and you can upgrade it.
    I build this from motedis profiles (540 euro for all the profiles , hardware and some extras plus 2 times shipping)
    If you use a single screen you can cut some of the costs , and you have to source a seat , but with your lenght i would want to test fit a seat anyway!!

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  4. BhZ

    Premium Member

    I'm considering that option, but i'd like to consider a "normal" rig. Can u suggest me a model?
    Speaking about aluminium profiles rig, how do i take the measure? I mean: i'm tall 195cm, i have something like 150-160cm to place the rig (max lenght of the rig).
  5. Johand

    Premium Member

    I can't suggest a model , my rig in the picture has the seat max forward and the length of the profiles is 160cm , i am 184cm tall if that helps.
    I could give you all the dimensions